Royana Corporation is a leading defence and aerospace firm that focuses on providing state-of-the-art solutions and support services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Region as well as the North African Maghreb Countries. We interviewed the firm’s Ahmed Al-Humaid to find out more about the firm’s fascinating work and their success in winning the Saudi Arabia category of the Arabian Excellence Awards 2017.

As a leading defence firm in the region, Royana Corporation is tasked with the responsibility to supply their clients with the most advanced state-of-the art solutions, plus the best package of services to support their client’s.

Ahmed Al-Humaid begins the interview by explaining how the firm’s expertise in the business world and how it feels for the firm to win the Saudi Arabia category of the Arabian Excellence Awards 2017.

He also provides a flavour of the firm’s reputation and mission.

“Royana Corporation’s profound knowledge and deep experience has been around for more than two decades in Saudi Arabia. This was brought in with the best possible strategy, in association with several top-rated world’s business partners, by creating and introducing key points into the region’s potential markets that serve to increase local contacts and technology transfer. Additionally, introducing local market supplies and human resources, enables a positive participation and interaction with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s vision for 2030, plus their national transformation plan.

“Royana’s portfolio and of its associated companies’ products is outstanding in our opinion. We always stay up-to-date to by encompassing a wide range of solutions that focus on reliability, performance and competitive prices. To be a part of the Arabian Excellence Awards 2017 for Saudi Arabia is indeed a great honour for us. Moreover, it is overwhelming and makes us more determined as a firm to raise the bar and achieve our future goals.

“Unbroken confidence with Royana’s reputation as business associate to our International Partners and the trust of our distinguished clients, flourishes as time goes by, is our success story. In addition, Royana safeguard that the marketing mechanism assumes responsibilities for technical behaviour of products toward the desired quality of the ultimate consumer’s satisfaction and its competitiveness.”

“Our mission is identification and exploitation of our partner’s products and what was offered to suit the market needs, was frequently asked question. From that point their entire business program will be launched, and as it gathers momentum the impact will be then analyse and the market position will be effectively measured.”

Ahmed then provides detail about the firm, including the work of its departments and individuals plus something of the firm’s focus and strong market presence in the region.
“With the extensive experience of Royana Corporation’s commercial section, it is the firm’s mission and policy is to select its business partners from the best rated world class OEMs, who are well known experts in their field. This is to ensure both the best possible solution services to our clients, thus promoting competitive prices, local servicing, technology transfer not to mention the training and qualification where Saudi Arabian human resources are concerned.”

“Royana’s corporate compliance is to focus our programme on ethics and integrity in the workplace as well as compliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s laws and customs. Therefore, we can refer you to Royana Corporate compliance as an established working environment that encourages: ethical and proper ways to conduct business and a commitment to competence based work on merit.
“With our strong market presence, deep experience, integrity and quality of service, Royana has earned the trust of many important clientele including many dignified clients whom we have for many years.”

Ahmed then provides a flavour of firm’s mission, the role of their skilled team plus the extent to which the global trade relation is an essential backbone of business operations.

“ROYANA Corporation’s mission as the managing arm of a prominent group of Saudi companies, is to extend marketing services, engineering and technical support and turnkey consultancy to various International partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
“Our skilled team of consultants and engineers provide an outstanding service to our clients. Royana’s line product and services which has been the pillar of our foundation that leads us to diversify our business in conformity with the trend at the change of the century.

“The global trade relation is an essential backbone of business operations. Domestic and export operations under a well-established contact and trade relationship will benefit fully, covered by a scheme of strong marketing policy, positioning in the domestic and global market will gain more transparency. This will give way to the exposure of our manpower expertise which is economical in terms of costs.”

Ahmed Al-Humaid is keen to offer some final words of wisdom, as the interview ends.

“Finally, I would like to say that in the daily management of our business undertakings, we are ever vigilant in taking care of not violating the bounds of proper business practice. We at Royana do not only guarantee trade partnership, but also the after-service support that has been an important component of the package.”