Who nominates / can nominate in the 2017 Hedge Fund awards?

Our voting and nomination process for the 2017 Hedge Fund awards is open to all. The Acquisition International awards team have nominated a selection of candidates on the shortlist; these are firms and individuals that we believe to be deserving of the position based on their achievements during the past 12 months.

Additionally we have distributed the voting forms to over 108,000 people who subscribe to Acquisition International Magazine.

Forms have also been sent to more than 148,000 hedge industry professionals based across the globe. We accept both self and third party nominations.

Will the 2017 Hedge Fund award nominees find out who voted for them?

No. To maintain impartiality, the voting process is strictly confidential and we do not give specific details out as to who has cast votes.

How have you ensured the voting process is legitimate?

In addition to the impartiality and confidential voting process, we also monitor where the votes come from by tracking the IP addresses associated with the submission. With a number of other, undisclosed, factors that we assess, including internal and external supporting evidence, we ensure that no firm or individual can guarantee success by the number of votes alone.

How do you determine the winners?

The 2017 Hedge Fund Awards are determined through a combination of three factors:

  • Initial vote / nomination
  • Our own in-house research (a vital component with the acceptance of third-party and self-nominations)
  • Supporting evidence

What do the 2017 Hedge Fund awards winners receive?

Beyond using the award to gain recognition in this ever-evolving and increasingly globalised market, winners are entitled to three major benefits:

  • Official Press Release
  • Online Winners List Profile          

When will the winners be announced?

The 2017 Hedge Fund award winners will be notified of their success throughout November 2016. We will publicly announce the full list of winners in our January 2017 Award Winners’ supplement. We have an embargo in place until we publicly announce the results in January and ask winners to respect this; all winners will be notified when the embargo is lifted.

Have you presented the International Hedge Fund Awards previously?

Yes, we have. The 2017 Hedge Fund awards are now in their fourth year, and have, in previously partnered with such names as Preqin and Barclay Hedge. You can view the latest 2016 Hedge Fund Winners’ Supplement HERE.

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