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Located in the highly competitive city of Mississauga, Onaré opened its doors in December of 2001. Mario Verrilli gives us an insight into the company’s services, talking about the well renowned clients and what makes the salon so successful.

Onaré began as a small unknown salon. Mario knew that its success depended on the ability to offer something unique. He describes how he set about providing clients with the highest possible service.
“Firstly, we wanted to give clients and hairdressers what they couldn’t find elsewhere – a salon that would foster innovation and growth, inspire our staff and clients to be their best, and evolve with changing times.
“Secondly, our award-winning style and commitment to excellence has helped launch the careers of some familiar faces like super model Daria Werbowy, and our work has graced the covers of several magazines, such as Flare, Fashion, Salon, Canadian Hairdresser and Glow, among many others. Our salon is home to some of the world’s top models along with many of the nation’s leading news anchors such as Anne Marie Mediwake.”
Regarding its recruitment structure and its resulting success concerning staff, the salon created its own training program, as Mario explains. All this has helped Onaré to provide the best with the best.

“Importantly, we have created our own training program and hold sessions in cutting, colouring and styling. From the start, we were determined to base our company’s success on educating our staff to be the best, so that we could provide our clients with what they deserve- the best there is in personal care.

“Looking out for everybody, we will be opening up the doors of our in house Academy to the industry regardless of whether you work for us or not.”

Discussing his own success, Mario comments on what it takes to be a successful salon owner. Ensuring staff follow instructions and work towards the same mission is vital in this respect and therefore the salon owner must be a good communicator, something Mario alludes to.

“The salon owner today must have superior leadership skills. They must define clear career paths that explain where an employee can go and what they need to do to get there. Regular meetings and consistent communication are essential to building a strong unified team. We also provide several opportunities for on-going education for our staff.

“Some things never change and that is there is no getting around providing a great product or service. Superior marketing skills will get the clients coming in, but to get them coming back with their family and friends is key. The lack of a consistent industry standard is the biggest challenge our industry faces making it difficult for consumers understand the difference between brands. Technology has also had a great impact on our industry as it changes the way the consumer will reach us. It has also made it easier for clients and stylists to stay connected, which will also change the way a salon manages their employees in the future.”

“To be a successful salon, there must be a vision amongst staff and the management team. Customer service, high quality products and offerings all contribute to creating a good salon, but tailoring all these aspects to meet the requirements and demands of the client is key. Onaré’s versatility is something that helps it to stand out as one of the best salon’s in the business, as Mario mentions.
“The perfect hairstyle will fit any type of lifestyle, no matter how busy, allowing you to spend more time enjoying life instead of fussing with their hair. We believe that looking beautiful on the outside can affect how you feel on the inside. The right hairstyle can help you feel better about yourself, both physically and mentally, and allow you to reflect this confidence to the world.”

Ultimately, Mario and his staff have produced a creative, ambitious and innovative salon. Onaré fosters a fun working environment, with all staff aware of their roles and clients coming in knowing they are guaranteed to get only the best service. Mario signs off by explaining how all the company’s attributes combined help to make it one of the best.

“Fundamentally, our Mission is to match hairstyles with lifestyles, help define personal style and leave our clients looking and feeling their absolute best. Our goal is to build a company that is the best of its kind. A company that will stand the test of time, lead the beauty industry, and be an example of what every hair salon should be- all while having fun along the way.”

Company: Onaré Salon

Contact: Mario Verrilli

ContactEmail: [email protected]

Address: 2100 Hurontario St, Mississauaga, Ontario, ON L5B 1M8, Canada

Phone: 001 905 279 4279