NAZALI are a full-service law firm providing a wide range of legal services to our national and international clients. Ersin Nazali tells us about the firm, describing what services the firm offers and what makes it attractive to its clients.  

NAZALI has adopted a service understanding approach for continuous research and inquiry, and it is on its way to becoming a wanted brand in the sector, along with its increasing number of outstanding customers. Ersin outlines the areas of practice for the firm, explaining how its collaborations with other firms has helped it in quest of becoming one of the leading law firms in the industry. 

“As of July 2017, our firm signed a collaboration agreement with Andersen Tax & Legal, which was restructured in 2014 with the aim of providing tax and legal services at the highest level all over the world. Our main practice areas are, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, Corporate & Commercial Law, Company Restructurings, Tax Law, Capital Markets Law, Competition Law, Administration Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Employment and Social Security Law, Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law and Criminal Law at the part of White Collar Crimes. 

“Typically, our client profile varies from medium and big sized companies both domestic and international. The company became a registered trademark of Turkey with a wide range of legal and fiscal services provided to both national and international clients with its expert and experienced team in tax, social security, customs and law. Embedded in the company culture, our principle “Grows along with knowledge”, adopts research and questioning oriented service manner as a principle, and becomes a well-known brand with its increasing esteemed clients.”
Ersin mentions what attributes he thinks are vital to NAZALI’s success, commenting on the company’s approach to new clients and projects. He states how the company ensures right from the start of the process that the outcome of the company meets the needs of everyone involved.

“Thanks to our lawyers and other professionals who had formerly worked in different departments of the government offices for many years and currently are a member of NAZALI team, our Firm guarantees the most convenient service to its clients in the most accurate and fastest way especially in Tax Law, Company Restructurings, White Collar Crimes, Social Security Law, Administration Law, Competition Law and Capital Markets Law since these areas of law are based on both commercial and tax law; and accordingly require vast knowledge of both financial and legal expertise.

“Here at NAZALI, we spend a significant part of our time getting to know our clients and ensuring that we fully understand their goals and needs. Staff strongly believe that clients are the main critical part of our team, and we seek their inputs throughout the representation. Each client comes to us with different needs and concerns and we work tirelessly to achieve the client’s individual goals and pursue their objectives vigorously. We limit the number and type of matters we undertake, so that we can always deliver the best possible service for the firm’s existing clients.”

Achieving success in the Turkish legal market is all about establishing personal relationships with potential clients. Ersin discusses what else he believes to be essential to achieving success in the industry and sector.
“Along with maintaining and building relationships, another key issue is that the firms shall examine the client potential in different service areas at various levels. Turkish business market is growing significantly and provides several opportunities for law firms. We are considering that corporate and M&A work will be the key elements in Turkish legal market. Turkey has received investments from the West for many years but in recent times Gulf country based companies are playing a major and increasing role in investments in Turkey. Therefore, it is essential for us to focus at different geographic locations in order to obtain new clients and projects.”
Regarding the future of NAZALI, Ersin clarifies in his concluding comments where he sees the company going, and what upcoming projects the firm has. Teamwork will help NAZALI as it collaborates with other legal professionals, and there is definitely a positive outlook for the company.

“Moving forward, we will become a full member firm of Andersen Global as of this November. We are considering this collaboration is a very significant indicator of the international confidence and interest in the Turkish economy for the forthcoming period. Turkey is a centre for tax and legal services provided to Middle Eastern, Gulf and Central Asian countries, so our services offered to our local and international clients and countries will be diversified and increased in this context. Excitedly, we expect to double our firm size over the next twelve months.”

Company: NAZALI Tax and Legal Services

Contact: Ersin Nazalı (Founding and Managing Partner)

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 19 Mayıs Cad. Dr. Ismet Öztürk Sok. Elit Residence 3/12 Kat: 4,10,29 Sisli, Istanbul, 34360, Turkey

Phone: 90 212 380 0640

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