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Metanoia Ltd consults, with a focus on developing and improving the skills of corporate organisations, as well as professional individuals. In addition to conducting diagnosis, planning and design through consulting, we will develop practical skills through workshops and coaching. They recently won the exclusive ‘Best in Executive Coaching 2017 – Japan’ award, after which we invited the firm’s CEO, Yoichi Tamura to profile the firm’s services.

Metanoia Ltd’s vision is to enhance the competitiveness of companies and individual clients, realise learning and transformation, thereby bringing both rich growth and permanent prosperity. The firm consults, with s focus on developing and improving the skills of corporate organisations and professional individuals. In addition to conducting diagnosis, planning and design through consulting, we will develop practical skills through workshops and coaching.

The services we offer can be summarised as shown below:

Executive coaching

• Top and senior management;

• Middle management and professionals and;

• Operations management.

Organisational development

• Advisory services;

• Meeting facilitation and;

• Project facilitation.

Management training

• Business negotiation;

• Coaching for leaders;

• Facilitation for leaders;

• Leadership skills;

• Interview skills;

• Project management;

• Strategic thinking and;

• Debate and arguments.

So, what is the force really needed for an organisation? Product power, technical strength, financial strength, human resources, organisational climate, management leadership. At our firm, we specialise in executive coaching, management training, organisational consulting and management facilitation. With all this in mind, we aim to improve the people and organisation’s underlying strength and as such, we are delighted to provide both an extraordinary experience and know-how, in this field.

Executive coaching

By coaching to management, business managers, managers and leaders, we will try to revitalise and improve teams and organisations, in addition to the growth and development of the coached person. As well as achieving results, we will try to grow both people and organisations. When it comes to organisational development, we will give you practical advice and assistance on consultation of this. We will organise meetings and will facilitate of intra-organisational dialogue, as well as supplying advice on project promotion.

Management training Business Negotiation involves training to enhance business negotiation skills. With us, you can learn ways to effectively negotiate while paying attention to your original strengths. We will do hard case studies, games, training exercises and theory commentary.

When it comes to coaching for leaders, there aren’t uniform ways to guide subordinates or bundle teams for both organisation leaders and managers. So, we believe that professional coaching approaches to both individuals and groups, can be learned within an organisation.

Facilitation is not a special technique monopolised by some professionals. You can build teams, move them, learn the skills and minds of facilitators to streamline meetings, make projects succeed and train members.

Strong leadership skills are required in every organisation. Meanwhile, various ways of involving such as soft leadership, empowerment type leadership, servant leadership and so on are required. Every person, of any personality, required leadership. We believe that leadership can be learned as a skill.

In terms of interview skills, we will learn such methods in various situations, such as personnel recruitment interviews, personnel evaluation interviews, as well as interviews for research and organisational development. Interviews are not merely a listening exercise. Excellent interviews have a very high return on investment. Interviews that are obscure. leave something to be done in the future.

Classical project management methods are not necessarily useful in practice. We will integrate complex situations in chaotic systems and as such, we will learn through concepts and ways of thinking plus projects that bring true results through games, exercises and theory commentaries.

Strategic thinking is not a privilege of some strategists; indeed, it is necessary for everyone involved in business, we believe. We plan a vision, overlook the reality from the high altitude, throw away unnecessary things and enhance the ability to focus on important things.

Social business One final point, is that apart from the company support business (consulting business), Metanoia Ltd is promoting social contribution through education for social workers. Research and development, focusing on systems thinking practice research group, education training mainly focusing on debate dojo, other social business (social problem solving movement utilising business methods) has been the core activity of Metanoia Ltd since 2008. So, we respond flexibly and quickly to non-profit business requests, from various NPOs / NGOs etc.

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