An Asset to the Industry

TCA Asset Management is a multi -boutique asset management company, established in 2011, Geneva. Following their success in winning the 2017 M&A Advisory Services to Watch, we interviewed Ludovic Bonnamour to find out about the company’s wide array of offerings.

TCA Asset Management provides four complimentary activities: wealth management; deal structuring; family office and fund support services to private and institutional clients (fund managers, external asset managers and corporate clients).
As the interview begins, Ludovic Bonnamour lifts the lid on the company’s areas of expertise.
“On the wealth management side, we propose portfolio management (private banking services) and advisory (CIO office services). We use our asset management experience, research capabilities and market knowledge to provide private banking clients with clear added-value on traditional investment. The company operates under tailored discretionary mandates, mainly invested in traditional assets.
“On the fund support side, we assist so called ‘emerging fund managers’ or less developed fund managers to establish or develop their own funds, whilst enabling them to retain strategic independence through outsourcing all issues related to administration, middle office, risk monitoring and client inquiry management. This allows managers to focus on generating alpha.

“On the corporate finance activities, we help companies that are already generating cash flow to realise short-term projects such as leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, launching new activities, providing bridge financing and fund research and development. This is achieved through the structuring and issuance of private bonds, subscribed to by private qualified investors and/ or professional investors. We represent non-liquid opportunities and work on transactions for clients.

“Our family office solution consists of providing clients with corporate services, tailored to achieve critical objectives and address the concerns that matter at both their personal and business levels. These include the management of private and family wealth, estate and inheritance planning, day-to-day financial administration or set-up and management of companies and/or philanthropic entities.”
As a company, TCA Asset Management has anticipated both the structure and growth, combined with a limited expansion Ludovic tells us. He also explains how he has built up his seasoned team of experts over the years,

“During the last five years, I built my team. We have developed together a business from zero and brought the company towards a good level of notoriety, as well as performance and efficiency. Being always very conservative and keeping costs under controls, we have successfully achieved all our annual targets since inception.

“In a period of development, we do not only intend to achieve quantitative targets, but also qualitative ones: recognition by peers; recommendation from institutional and a recognised brand for the developed expertise. As objectives, can be qualitative and quantitative, we want to develop both, as we quickly understood that the second one can only come jointly with the first one, for a profitable result. I see lots of opportunities ahead in the current market, due to regulation changes and ages pyramid, that could bring very profitable business to us over the next three years.”

Specifically, within the hedge fund space, Ludovic goes on to explain what the company offers in this regard and how they tailor these around individual client needs. He also tells us his thoughts on developing the company’s targets and incomes.
“TCA Asset Management assists clients in advising and establishing their own fund, whilst enabling them to retain their strategic independence through outsourcing all issues related to administration, middle office, risk monitoring and client inquiry management. This allows the clients to focus on generating performance.

“Our global solution is based on providing with needed tools (from front to back office solutions), to enable them to manage their own strategy (part of a platform that leverage experience and professionalism). We can propose a variety of packages, including basic, advanced or tailored solutions, depending on the requirements for saving time and dealing with administrative matters. “In terms of developing our targets and incomes, I always started by creating the company’s values, designing our working space and establishing understanding and efficient processes. Sticking to these principles, is a key message we want to promote when venturing into partnerships. Our aim is to offer a unique contact for all activities, acting as a ‘one stop shop’ specialised multi-boutique. In our mind, ‘transparency’, ‘flexibility’, ‘ethics’, ‘innovation’ and ‘processes’ represent a five-pillar approach for developing an innovative business, with a long-term company overview in the current market environment.”

In closing, Ludovic serves up his thoughts on future developments and how these will affect the company.
“The company’s long-term objectives remain: onboarding relationship managers needing services (CHF 20 to CHF80 mio each); becoming a recognised external service provider for institutional clients; increasing our reputation via industry awards and/or recognised certifications and having representation offices abroad.

“In terms of the wider hedge fund industry, small managers need to organise themselves and it means additional costs for them, except if they are able to outsource towards external services providers. This approach brings in a global solution, innovative tools (real time monitoring, etc) and a concrete advisory on both administration and business. TCA Asset Management’s solution is to help clients with upcoming changes, such as new rules from within the industry. Our company helps relationship managers to develop independence from the banks, to increase their profits and to service their clients with a global solution.” 

Company: TCA Asset Management SA

Name: Ludovic Bonnamour

Email: [email protected]

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Address: Rue du Port 8/10,1204 Geneva Switzerland

Telephone: +41 22 556 52 50