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Tremondi S.R.O are a company dealing in Motorsport that offer a wide range of smart solutions for a variety of clients. We profiled the firm to find out more about their products and how they are of benefit to clients.

Tremondi offer various solutions within Motorsport, most notably, Motorsport, Blue Power and E-Motion. Creating their own solutions, the firm customises its solutions and can tailor them to suit a specific client. 

Concerning Motorsport, Tremondi offer complete custom solutions of control systems, electronics, electric components and installation, as well as fuel components for racing cars and motorbikes. For all electronic and electric components, the firm can design and supply wiring harnesses based on Raychem heavy duty harnessing systems and Deutsch connecting components. Additionally, the company can design and supply sensors or sensor kits, made of either automotive OEM sensors or industrial sensors, coupled with motorsport reliable connecting solution approved for heavy duty environment in motorsport conditions.

Regarding Blue Power, Tremondi is a direct distributor of Kokam, the global leader in large size lithium-polymer cell technology for automotive and industrial applications. With an extremely large range of capacities available with Kokam cells, the company can satisfy any demand on the best performing, high quality and high reliability lithium-polymer cells without the need of making unwanted parallel cell compositions. As such, the firm can supply small size cells for RC models, small and mid-size cells for portable devices up to the largest size cells on the market for transportation and heavy duty industrial use. The cells offered by Kokam are divided in two product lines (High Energy Density and High Power), with each providing the best parameters for different specific requirements. In addition to the bare cells, the firm can provide the soft packs assembled directly at Kokam. Tremondi can supply any cells from the Kokam catalogue, assembled in soft pack ranging from 2S1P up to 14S1P.

In order to add a utility value to the Kokam cells, as well as enlarging the range of possible applications, staff have developed Tremondi’s advanced battery pack systems based on Kokam cells. Together, with its control systems for Lithium-Ion battery packs, the firm can offer complex solutions for a wide range of applications from backup power supply, through batteries for transportation, up to batteries for heavy duty applications and large capacity energy storage systems (solar power plant systems, power distribution backup systems etc.). These battery pack systems create a flexible system of cost optimised lightweight robust skeletons, which are capable if accommodating any industrial cells of the Kokam catalogue ranging from 4 Ah up to 240 Ah.

Aside from battery systems, the company also deals with the development and application of electric and electronic components especially for transportation. Together with its engineering partners, the firm can offer complete kits of low performance as well as high efficiency electric powertrains, ranging from 0.5 up to 20 kW, using the best available technologies on the market. The kit can contain all electric powertrain components, including battery packs, battery control system, electric motor with controller, dashboard unit and a wiring harness.

Another of the company’s solutions is the electric powertrain, Electric powertrains composed from a brushless electric motor, lithium based battery and advanced electronics represent the new age of propulsion concepts for 21st century transportation. Due to evident mechanical simplicity, along with enormous intelligence capability, designing flexibility and power transition compactness, this product provides very smart solutions for the future propulsion of transportation.

Electric scooters Akumoto are the best compromise of a simple and easy to drive, reliable and economical transport on two wheels put together. Compared to the gasoline power plant in this class there is no more any significant advantage of the gasoline versions, not even the weight or purchase price. On the contrary, electric scooters are significantly easier to drive than the gasoline powered ones.

Purchasing the Akumoto scooter, clients would receive a reasonably high quality means of transport, using the best actively available technologies with minimum operation and service costs. All Akumoto models are produced under the Quality Management System supervision, with the final assembly being done in the Czech Republic.

This solution by Tremondi leads to the future looking bright for the firm. The scooter has an extremely long duration period and can travel on long journeys. Additionally, it has possible regenerative braking systems, and clients can be assured that this Czech brand assembles all of its products with the Czech Republic. Ultimately, Tremondi offer a wide range of smart solutions and the clients can be rest assured they will be provided with only the best possible product. 


Company: Tremondi S.R.O

Contact: Petr Balcarek

Email: [email protected]


Address: Bucovska 417, Letonice, 68335, Czech Republic

Phone: 0042 0 606 326 923

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