The Rise of Online Dispute Resolution

Being part of a company’s success story means a lot to us: there’s nothing we like more than using our skills, knowledge and vast experience to help businesses thrive. At OGR Stock Denton, our Company & Commercial department specialises in working with ownermanaged companies based throughout the world.

While many of our clients are based in the UK and North America, a growing number are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and we continue to expand to other countries rapidly. We offer a different experience from other City law firms: we’re about fast decisions, swift action and speedy resolutions. We know when it makes sense to wrangle over the precise wording of a clause, but we also keep your business goals in mind and know when pragmatism is needed. We appreciate when your business predicament could benefit from genuine strategic insight – and we’re also aware of when it makes more sense to follow tried-and tested principles.

One of our recent cases involved a longstanding client who was in the process of buying a professional football club. The price was in excess of £30 million, and – for reasons relating to the sellers’ particular circumstances – the purchase needed to take place on the day after our client called us. It was our job to negotiate the deal with the sellers and make sure everything was signed on time – and we did exactly that.

Once we were around the table with them, we stated that we’d exchange contracts that day and buy at the agreed price – as long as the sellers gave our client warranties that all subsequent documentation would be accurate, and that they owned all the relevant assets and properties.

On top of that, we also needed to sort out some fundamental warranties to cover the high-value contracts of the club’s main assets: it’s footballers and coaching staff. Our Employment specialists at the firm helped us draft these – stating that if any of the warranties turned out to be untrue to the value of £1 million, our client could walk away without completing.

With one day and two sheets of paper, we’d helped a client buy a football club for over £30 million. The Company & Commercial department provides many other services beyond sales and purchases of companies, of course. Our team is headed up by Gitta Altmann – who specialises in JVs and commercial contracts, as well as non-contentious employment law issues. Other members of the team have expertise in shareholder agreements, supply/ distribution agreements, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder disputes and due diligence, among others.

Our command of international law also enables us to advise corporate clients from both the UK and overseas on a wide range of complex cross-border matters, such as business and share sales and acquisitions, joint ventures, commercial contracts, inward investment, and employment law matters. Within the company, we have colleagues who are fluent in a number of languages – including German, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Gujarati, Cantonese and Swedish.

We’re also proud to belong to International Lawyers Group (ILG) – a not-for-profit network of independent law firms and legal practitioners around the world. Membership is by invitation only, and it’s offered to firms that have proven their commitment to providing legal services of the highest quality.

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