The Power of Outsourcing

Totally Typing Ltd is an online Digital Typing Agency based in London providing a proficient transcription service to clients in various companies and business sectors around the world. As specialists in transcribing any recorded media into typed documents we are able to provide an effortless solution to our overseas clients. We have found our service in particular appeals to clients with little time on their hands and organisations needing to outsource this function.

The main benefits of ‘outsourcing’ virtual assistants Businesses that use our service to outsource secretarial work benefit by saving themselves significant amounts in financial outlay by not having to employ a permanent secretary, along with having to provide all of the legal obligations e.g. sick pay, maternity pay and insurance etc. Instead tasks are completed on an ‘as and when needed’ basis. Recent trends and developments in how to implement good secretarial practices

As a key professional in this field we believe good secretarial practice relies on being aware of and implementing the latest technology available, which in turn allows for proficiency in delivering the best service possible. It’s essential, that as service providers, we employ and maintain the best professionals within Totally Typing.

Business support Currently, we work with many public and private companies, providing the services of professional legal secretaries. In particular we focus on the accurate transcription of audio and within 24 hours if necessary. So for example telephone interviews, meetings, conferences, discussions, hearings/tribunals, property reports and focus group/market research recordings. We fully understand the importance of providing a highly confidential service to our clients and as such are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 1998.

By providing business support, we aim to act as an adjunct for companies who would prefer to concentrate their efforts on their business objectives. This in turn can free up large amounts of time within an organisation and outsourcing the secretarial service function to professionals instead of employing full-time staff ensures costs are kept to a minimum.

Current technology is used by our transcribers to track and manage each specific project so to provide an efficient and appropriate service to each of our clients this will begin from the initial online contact.

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