The Possibilities of P2P Lending

Saving Stream is a highly innovative peer to peer investment platform launched in 2013 by Lendy Ltd. Generally speaking, peer to peer lending allows investors to finance development projects and property purchases. What Saving Stream ensures is that this process is fast, simple and secure, and delivers a fixed interest rate of 12% per year. All proposals are fully assessed before being made available for investment, with several levels of protection in place meaning you can invest your capital with complete peace of mind.

During this process, lending is secured with a legal charge, and loan amounts do not exceed 70% of the open market value. This means that in the event of a default there is sufficient equity to allow loan funds to be recouped with the sale of the security. A substantial provision fund is also maintained in case of shortfalls.

With regard to the borrowing side, when a borrower approaches our parent company, Lendy Ltd, they begin with a full and in-depth assessment of the project. During this process, professionally qualified chartered surveyors are instructed to value the property being used as security, and this ensures that any loan is a maximum of 70% of the open market value. If the borrower and security meet the criteria, the loan is secured with a legal charge for an average term of six months, and the borrower can repay the loan before the end date.

As for the investment aspect, potential investors can browse the Saving Stream portfolio and select ‘start investing’ when you see a project you wish to support with peer lending. It takes literally minutes to set up an account, add funds and confirm the amount you wish to invest. You begin earning interest of 12% per year immediately, with loans typically repaid after six months. Interest earned is paid into your account monthly and at the end of the term your initial investment and any outstanding interest is paid into your account for withdrawal or further project funding.

One of the many advantages of Saving Stream is that we do not have a maximum amount you can credit to your account, and the maximum amount of investment you could make to a project is 100% of the required loan. Likewise, there is no minimum investment amount, and funds that you credit to your account but are not committed to a project can be withdrawn at any time.

Alongside these advantages, we make every effort to minimise the risks for our investors and to ensure, where possible, that all investments are repaid in full and on time. To date, we have a 100% success rate with our repayments.

Furthermore, we feel that it is important to make you aware that your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if a borrower defaults, however we feel confident that we have a thorough and robust system in place to protect all Saving Stream investors.

Unlike many other Peer to Peer lenders, we do not charge our investors any fees or commission on the interest you earn, so you keep 100% of your earnings, and there will also be no tax deducted from any amounts you receive. There are fees payable by borrowers to our parent company Lendy Ltd when a loan is made.

Since its launch by Lendy Ltd in 2013, Saving Stream has made its profit from the difference in interest rates charged to borrowers and paid to investors. All Saving Stream investors receive a fixed monthly interest amount of 1%, whereas Lendy Ltd charges interest at 1.5% per month on average. We feel this is a fair margin as the administration costs that are associated with sourcing new projects for investment, and ensuring all property is secured with a legal charge, are substantial.

Ultimately, our process of providing a safe and simple platform has resulted in a number of successful investments, and our numbers simply speak for themselves. As of the 6th of May 2016, we have £130,327,090 loaned with us, 8,006 investors and our investors have earned £7,460,769.

Company: Saving Stream
Address: Branksmere House
Queens Crescent
Southsea, Portsmouth
Telephone: 0800 779 7706

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