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What should you be doing to avoid delays and disputes in construction and infrastructure projects.

Staying Out of Trouble You know that the world of construction is notorious for delays, cost increase and disputes. The complexity of projects typically involves many parties, often with different agendas. You need to take steps at the outset to ensure that your risks are properly identified and that you have appropriate procedures in place to secure successful project delivery. This requires a proactive approach. Most dispute resolution procedures, however, tend to respond to a problem - by which time the problem is already likely to be impacting negatively on project delivery.

This is why we say to our clients, “… call us in as early as possible”. There are many possibilities early on in the project to reduce risk; however, frequently too little attention is given to plan ahead for how to both, avoid and resolve, the inevitable disagreements which will arise during the course of complex construction and infrastructure projects.

The highest areas of risk tend to occur when insufficient time is allocated to the initial design and procurement stages. While this gives an apparent advantage of an early start on site it leaves a disadvantage of a significant increase in the likelihood of an unresolved and uncoordinated design commencing on site, and changes being required during the course of construction. A project owner should always seek to avoid implementing changes after the design is ‘frozen’, if they are to avoid delays and/or cost increases an effective procedure within the contracts.

Discerning clients come to us for an early identification and resolution of disagreements before their escalation into formal disputes and for our extensive experience at assisting clients to navigate through these risks and implement appropriate procedures either at the outset, or during a complex construction projects.

Probyn Miers is the UK’s leading firm of Expert Architects in International construction dispute avoidance and resolution and with an unrivaled inhouse team of expert witnesses. From our 18 years at the forefront of construction disputes, and an extraordinary accumulated expertise with over 900 appointments worldwide;, our team takes pride to be recognized at the highest levels as the UK’s leading think tank in dispute resolution. Our expert’ services across a broad spectrum of sectors, including expert witnesses, has covered complex and substantial projects in Africa, Asia, Australasia, South America, the Caribbean, Russia, China, the Middle East as well as throughout Europe, the UK and in the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union).

Probyn Miers maintains its position at the forefront of best practice by responding to each appointment in accordance with our core values and by harnessing the excellence and professional development of our in-house team.

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