The Age of Big Data

Top 50 in Technology

ORTEC Consulting is a highly renowned specialist in business analytics. We support companies by providing analysts with in-depth experience in advanced analytics. We can provide companies with all the right tools and insights they need to become more adaptive and responsive in the age of big data. On top of that, we offer a unique big data portal for companies that want to start benefiting from analytics without the hassle of huge IT implementations and the need for in-house expertise.

In addition, we develop tailor-made optimisation models and technology, offer consulting services and implement projects for all levels of analytics maturity.

For over 30 years, we have helped businesses grow their turnover, lower their costs, and reduce their environmental impact by turning complex data into priceless intelligence. Companies like IKEA, Shell, Albert Heijn, KLM and Coca-Coca trust our solutions and expertise to make better decisions and improve their supply chains. Their continued success has positioned us as an industry leader for companies that are looking to innovate and outperform their competitors with analytics.

As such, we see the future as one big opportunity, as our field is evolving at an even faster pace. The world is becoming increasingly complex and intertwined, and organisations hope to find answers in their data in order to develop new business models and spot trends. Whether it is our big data portal, our consultants or our education and training, we believe that we have the very best services to help these businesses find the answers they need.

Name: Patrick Hennen
Email: Patrick.hennen
Address: Houtsingel 5
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 88 678 3265