Slater Investments
Best UK Equity Investment Management Company

Slater Investments Limited is a boutique investment management company which manages several UK equity pooled funds and portfolios for institutional investors, pension funds, charities and high net worth individuals. The company was founded in 1994 by Mark Slater and Ralph Baber and the investment track record has been forged by a team that has worked together for many years.  

The funds share a common focus of protecting against downside risk and a rigorous approach to screening for opportunities and weeding out companies that may disappoint. Our three main funds are MFM Slater Growth which aims to achieve long term capital growth, MFM Slater Income which aims to produce an attractive and increasing level of income in addition to seeking long term capital growth and MFM Slater Recovery which strives to achieve a core of growth that is supplemented by other strategies. We also manage a hedge fund, Northglen Aggressive.

Our flagship service is investing in UK equities. The objective is for the core of all portfolios to consist of shares in companies with exciting prospects and above-average sustainable growth which can be bought with a significant margin of safety.

Slater Investments is wholly owned by its directors and staff. The directors and staff have invested a substantial part of their wealth in funds managed by Slater Investments Limited ensuring that our interests are directly aligned with those of our clients. The team at Slater Investments works hard to understand the individual needs of our clients, we are proud of the high quality of service that each of our clients receives and we work hard to uphold the trust and confidence that is such an integral component of our working relationships.

For more information please contact our Lisa Letham on 0207 2209365 or visit

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