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Katz Group regularly assists a variety of corporations, including advertising agencies, toy companies, pharmaceuticals, banks and food companies, with their global intellectual property and enforcement needs. We spoke to Julie Katz, Owner of Katz Group, who gave us her insight into the ever-increasing importance of protecting intellectual property.

It’s often underestimated how important intangible assets are, which in actual fact they are the blood and life force of businesses. It is the investment into the branding, invention and technology that create reputation and the quality assurance message that consumers desperately rely on in making purchasing decisions.

As such, businesses need to ensure that they maximise the value of their IP assets and ensuring that these assets are adequately protected. The consequence of not doing so is to have a valueless entity other than the depreciated value of physical facility aspects such as equipment, computers, postage machines, and furniture, all of which become dated from the point of purchase like an automobile leaving the lot. However, the intangibles increase in value over time, so long as the entity continues to use them. This concept of longevity can only strengthen a business’ bottom line.

With these assets being so crucial, staying on top of legislature relating to communication on the internet is of the utmost importance. Teaming up with other leaders across industries for best modes of protection is critical to successfully protecting intangible assets into the future, which brings unknown sources of cyber and other forms of piracy. Protecting technological breakthroughs through trademark and copyright is equally as essential, and when patents are involved, it is also our job to guide clients to the excellent resources that accomplish these protections.

With technology transforming on almost a daily basis, being successful in our industry is an ongoing process. Over the years, I have been recognised locally, nationally, and internationally for my participation and contribution to clients in the Intellectual Property field of law. I believe that these accolades are a testament to my expertise in this field.

Despite the many complexities of IP law, our business approach is simple. We listen, we ask good questions, we work with you to formulate a plan and we negotiate a cost to implement the plan. Once this is done, we execute against that plan to accomplish your business objectives.

Furthermore, we are a very people-orientated company and this not only refers to our clients, but the staff that run the company too. These people keep me going, both in terms of motivation, client needs and friendship. We are a team, working together to achieve excellence.

Company: Katz Group LLC
Name: Julie A. Katz
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1711 N. Hermitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622, USA
Telephone: 312-857-3101

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