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Monard Law is one of the leading independent law firms in Belgium with 90 lawyers of which 25 (associated) partners spread out over 4 offices located in the main Belgian cities (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Hasselt). Monard Law offers a comprehensive range of legal services to both local and foreign corporations as well as governments, financial institutions and private individuals.

Monard Law has many years of experience dealing with counterfeit and other infringements of intellectual property rights through litigation (Anton Piller orders, prohibitive injunctions, interim relief procedures, action for damages etc.). Infringements of your intellectual property (copyright, trademarks, software etc.) may also be subject to criminal proceedings if the infringement was carried out with criminal intent.

Clients can also call upon Monard Law to draft various intellectual property rights-related agreements such as license agreements, the transfer of intellectual property rights within the framework of an employment contract or the transfer of rights relating to copyrighted works “made to order”. Monard Law advises and assists you with formulating your strategy when it comes to registering or revealing your creations.

Monard Law also provides clients with expert advice on their rights and obligations with regard to the Internet, privacy protection or reputational damage. Clients can rely on Monard Law to keep track of the rapidly evolving legislative framework in the area of intellectual property, the technology and telecoms sectors and the compliance with competition requirements. In the framework of a Merger & Acquisition transaction, Monard Law can be called upon to carry out an IP audit.

What the company stands for

Our firm’s key values are respect and integrity, teamwork, client focus, entrepreneurial and quality driven. We value a personal relationship with our clients, and therefore each client is treated with the hands-on involvement of (at least) one partner of the firm. We take the effort to get to know and understand our clients. We will offer you strategic guidance with attention to clients’ internal processes and needs. The lawyers at Monard Law operate in specialised practice groups with a high degree of reachability. Their aim is to provide concrete and practical solutions.

Intangible assets such as brands, know-how and reputation

Intangible assets are of key importance to businesses. The importance and value of intellectual property rights is often underestimated. In our knowledge-based economy, intellectual property rights are of ever greater importance for companies granted to companies based on pledges on IP as collateral than before.

The value of their IP assets

If investments and innovations are unprotected and become successful, it will attract copycats and free riders. Most often a posteriori protection will come too late. Innovative means of developing, exploiting and safeguarding these assets The downside of the upcoming social media can be reputation ‘risk’. I think every company should have a strategy and a manual they can roll out to mitigate losses resulting from damages to a firm’s reputation.

How Monard Law stands out in their field of expertise

We are a mid-size firm that has an eye for tailor-made solutions and clients with specific needs. If the client has specific requirements on follow-up or particulars, we still have the flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs (difference with Magic circle firms). We follow the IP project from conception through distribution (sales and even aftersales). In distribution and distribution networks we have excellent expertise. We have a focus on luxury products with a focus on the fashion and automotive industry.

The firm made a name for itself, also in the area of Intellectual Property, by its partner driven, pragmatic, hands-on approach securing a satisfactory outcome for its clients within a reasonable timeframe at very competitive rates, a task which has grown ever more difficult and requires ever more creativity as Belgium’s judicial system is bogged down due to underfunding and a substantial backlog of cases on the dockets.

In closing, our firm furthermore deserves recognition in the area of Intellectual Property because of:

• The presence of our firm in several high-profile cases for high-profile international clientele;

• Our recognition in the area of intellectual property by our competitors on the Belgian market whom we very regularly encounter as opposing counsel or as co-counsel;

• Our partner driven practice (2 partners, 8 qualified lawyers).

Company: Monard Law
Name: Daan De Jaeger
Email: [email protected]
Address: Tervurenlaan 270,
1150 Brussels
Telephone: 32 2 234 67 10

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