Most Innovative Accountancy Firms of 2016, UK 

Accountancy 4 Wealth Ltd is based in Staffordshire, with 4 offices. They are a chartered accountancy practice which helps clients of all sizes to use their accounts as a basis to grow their business.

How this growth manifests itself differs for each businessand takes a number of different forms. Typically, it will simply be increased after-tax profits or increased sale value, but for some growth could simply be less owner input hours for the same financial rewards.

Whilst accountants can be seen as cost- cutters, their two main specialities steer away from this:

i. Helping with income growth - whilst the company provides all of the usual accountancy functions, it was originally created to focus on this area, leaving the firm sitting in an area where finance meets marketing;
ii. Tax minimisation - They fully appreciate that “wealth” for many represents an individual’s spending power remaining aftertax costs. For this reason they provide a range of specialist tax planning services. That this service is also provided to numerous other firms of accountants across the UK, it s a testament to how highly those tax services are regarded.

The company charges on a pre-quoted fixed fee basis and offers many of its business growth services with a “value for money” guarantee meaning that clients pay only what they believe it is worth. In addition, the firm has become well known for its local business growth workshops, seminars and initiatives.

Their staff are instrumental in their clients’s success which in turn is responsible for the company’s success. Every one of their clients is allocated a named employee who is responsible for working with them, for understanding their business, and helping to improve it. They also provide an immediate point of contact for dealing with day to day financial and other business issues.

Remaining Competitive in the 21st Century
It is virtually impossible to be all things to all people which is why a network of specialists is essential. This allows the firm to offer smaller businesses a fuller range of specialisms, without the need to employ full time specialists in every single area. In turn this allows them to offer a full range of services whilst avoiding the need to charge the level of fees associated with international firms. Equally, an openness to change enables them to continually become more effective in the services offered, with resulting benefits to their clients.

The accelerating pace of change in I.T can be helpful to businesses embracing change and when, properly implemented, can and will replace many of the services traditionally provided by the accountancy profession. However, if these are not implemented properly they can produce flawed information, which in turn creates catastrophic consequences. As a firm, Accountnancy 4 Wealth try to help businesses to embrace and benefit from these changes by assisting them with implementation and training services, whilst offering sound business advice based on the output whilst offering additional complimentary types of advisory services (legal services being the latest new addition).

Whilst there are often some quick wins in working with the company, the businesses that have been most successful have been those where a jointly formulated strategy has been implemented in the correct order over a workable timescale with a realistic budget. Anything is possible where a business possesses a “growth mind-set”.

Company: Accountancy 4 Wealth Ltd
Name: Ian Beech
Email: [email protected]
Web Address: www.accountancy4growth.
Address: 33 Wolverhampton Road, Cannock, WS11 1AP
Phone: 0871 222 1920


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