Medical Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Licensing Agreements

Third Quarter Update: A 2015 Year End Round-Up

An investment bank and venture fund manager specializing in medical technology, MedCap focuses on developing growth strategies, implementing them through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and licensing agreements. One of the firm’s representatives, Joey Kleckner shared with us some of the group’s recent work which makes them leaders in their field.

MedCap’s highly specialized nature and years of experience have given them a depth of knowledge in the healthcare industry. MedCap’s headquarters, located in the heart of Cambridge/Boston is surrounded by a supercluster of medical technology that connects them with the brightest minds in the industry, which, combined with their contacts, gives them an unparalleled global reach.

MedCap’s clients are mid-to-large sized private and public companies exclusively dealing in the healthcare and medical technology sector. They have represented over 150 institutional investors and strategic groups on five continents and in fifteen countries. Presently, MedCap is in the process of moving deals to the point of negotiations and are close to receiving indications of interest on others. They provide a leading edge of insight into the macro and micro economic factors that impact both investments and clients, followed by a thoughtful collaboration of solutions and the refined execution of those solutions on behalf of their clients. For the last decade, MedCap has been the leading firm in regenerative medicine, orthopedics, surgical robotics and other sub-specialty areas for companies around the globe.

Landmark transactions MedCap has been involved in over the last 10 years were: a half a billion dollar partnership between the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation and ConMed Corporation for regenerative medicine and growth biologics; the founding of Auris Surgical Robotics, which received US$150 million Series C financing at an unprecedented valuation in September, and the sale of OsteoAMP to Bioventus for an undisclosed amount.

MedCap’s fund specializes in investments and technologies from the world’s leading universities and in bringing these technologies to patients. Currently, they are in the process of closing a US$150 million venture fund in collaboration with the Wellman
Center of Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital. MedCap’s commitment to one sector has given the company a unique global perspective on healthcare/ MedtTech and a deep understanding of the value of clinical efficacy, intellectual property, regulatory approval, reimbursement and unparalleled industry contacts, which the company leverages to maintain industry leadership and develop future growth opportunities.

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