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2016 Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year, Indonesia

Am Badar & Partners is one of the leading Intellectual Property Firms in Indonesia that handles all areas of IP and related IP matters. The works of this firm are handled by professional staff of IP administration, IP technological experts and IP litigators. Of course, Am Badar & Partners are accustomed with the IP matters, either with the Indonesian IP Laws or with the practice in the Indonesian IP Office. Hence, filing applications and maintaining registrations have become daily work for the firm.

Further, they can also declare that their firm has a good experience and reputation in legal practice, such as representing clients in IP prosecutions in the court. The law firm Am Badar & Partners was founded by Mr Toetoen Ambadar, SH, and was established as a legal entity on 2nd September, 1965. Today, after more than 50 years as a prominent figure in its legal field, it is one of the most prestigious law firms in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia.

As one of the oldest law firms in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia, Am Badar and Partners has long-standing and strong client relationships and consistently committed to protect the interests of the clients. Since 1999, Mr. Toetoen Ambadar has taken a less prominent role, however the the firm has been run by the family’s dynamic second generation: Nadia Ambadar, SH, Annisa Ambadar, SH LL.M, Anis Ambadar, SH, Nabila Ambadar, SH LL.M, And Dora Ambadar, SPsi. Nadia, as Director of Strategy & Business Development, provides a privileged insight into the inner workings of Am Badar & Partners.

“Besides doing filing & maintaining our clients’ applications,” she says, “we always keep our database in order to support our monitoring system.

Through our good monitoring system, we can easily monitor our clients’ trademark validity so that our renewal reminder will be provided in timely manner to the clients. That is how we keep our clients’ trademark registration alive.

“Meanwhile, we also have Watching Service work, which we are responsible to monitor the Trademark Official Gazette. Once we find a similar or identical published trademark application, we will immediately inform it to our client and afterwards, the client may consider to hamper the said similar published trademark application to be registered or not by filing an Opposition with the Indonesian Trademark Office.

“In the meantime, in the event that the client has a dispute with an Indonesian registered trademark, we are pleased to represent the client to solve the matter; based on our experiences in negotiation, we believe that we will be able to provide the client with the best result. Further, we also offer another legal action that can be taken to solve this matter, namely by sending a Warning Letter or filing a Cancellation Action. We have already faced various cases in representing our clients through this action in the recent past, and these cases have surely made us as a firm stronger than ever before.”

Nadia then goes on to detail the three phases that am Badar & Partners have in place for dealing with matters related to the paten issues: namely, PreFiling Phase, Filing-Registering Phase and AfterGrant Phase.

“In the Pre-Filing Phase, we give consultation and opinions to our clients, whilst conduct patent search with the Indonesian Patent Office; we can also assist them to translate their claims into Indonesian.

“Further, in the Filing-Registering Phase, beside assisting the client in filing patent applications in Indonesia, we also periodically monitor the progress of their applications. In case the Office Actions are issued by the Patent Office, we will immediately report it and also provide our clients with opinions and strategy to respond to the Examiner’s demand.

“Last but not least, in the After-Grant Phase, as already stated above, related to our monitoring system, we believe that our clients’ patents will be more protected since we always send reminders to the clients for them to pay the annuity fees, which will always be provided two months before the due dates.

Until the present time, Am Badar & Partners are still working hard in order to actualize their strong desire to provide their clients with the best services – namely, they seek to facilitate the client in checking their application status, which can be checked directly through our website, so that the client can easily check their applications. “Our hope is that the said service will ease the client into a routine of checking their applications, and we also hope that they will feel safe and secure since they know exactly that their applications are being well maintained and monitored.

The main purpose of this matter, according to Nadia, is to provide a quick and proper service to the firm’s valuable and unswervingly loyal clients.

“Further, our next desire to provide the young local inventors with knowledge and education of IP in order to raise their awareness to protect their inventions. We also wish to organize the IP socialization, especially in the remote territory. For this purpose, we have to collaborate with some Educational Institutions / Research Institutions as well as the Indonesian IP Office. We are aware that Indonesia has so many potential Inventors.

Unfortunately, they still do not know that their invention can be protected and also can be commercialized. “As we all know, the Madrid Protocol,” – the new primary international system for facilitating the registration of trademarks across multiple jurisdictions – “has already been implemented in almost all over the world - in the near future, it will also be ratified in Indonesia. Therefore, it is an essential task for us to prepare our firm to face the ratification and implementation of the Madrid Protocol. We believe that by expanding the scope of our litigation field as well as the skill of our team, we will be able to face the Madrid Protocol.

“We will also be supported by local inventors, and we believe that their awareness of protecting their inventions will increase in the near future, so the domestic patent application will also increase.

Moreover, we have already had a good relationship with the Indonesian big companies that have so many trademark applications which have been filed through our firm. Their trademarks are not only filed in Indonesia, but we also assist them to file their trademark applications in other countries.” Nadia’s assertions about the family company are backed up in weight of strong evidence, which attests to the family’s close personal involvement in their business, and their drive to become Indonesia’s foremost legal champions of intellectual property: to date, Am Badar & Partners have filed over 10,000 patent applications and over 15,000 trademark applications since 2006.

“As the biggest IP firm in Indonesia, our responsibility is not only to protect our clients’ rights and interest in Indonesia. We also have a social and moral liability to raise the awareness of the Indonesian people about the importance to protect the Intellectual Property. Hence, we will do our best to raise the awareness of Indonesian people to protect their IP. Indeed, this purpose will require a lot of support from all parties, such as from the Indonesian Government, the International IP Organization, the Indonesian Practitioners and also our loyal clients.

Nadia concludes, “at a time of huge change in the legal industry, we are determined to continue leading Indonesia’s market as we have throughout our 50-year history.”

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