Hungary: A Soaring Economy, Beating the Odds

Danubia Patent and Law Office LLC is a leading Hungarian IP law firm providing services covering patents, trademarks and all fields around protecting, enforcing and defending intellectual property rights.

Danubia has been voted as No 1 or tier 1 firm for Patent prosecution and enforcement work and No 1 or tier 1 firm for Trademark prosecution and enforcement work in Hungary according to the world IP Survey sponsored by the magazine Managing Intellectual Property (a London-based Euromoney enterprise). These four rankings have been awarded to Danubia every year since 1997 up to the present, and as such we are the only IP law firm that can boast with such a broad and persistent ranking for over 18 years. Apart from this award Danubia has several other awards issued by the ACQ and WIPR magazines.

The professional experience accumulated during the firm’s more than 66 years long existence provides the basis of the high quality and reliable services, which are combined with the comparatively modest price at which such services are provided.

Based on such experience and professional skill, the firm’s overseas clients are welcome and invited to try their European Services for obtaining European Patents and Community Trademarks and Designs and to enjoy the moderate costs by which such services are provided.

Of course, besides these European services all clients are welcome to utilize the firm’s services whenever they have any IP-related issue in the Republic of Hungary.

The firm’s professional staff consists of registered European Patent Attorneys and European Trademark Attorneys, as well as of lawyers specialized mainly in trademark and patent enforcement, including also European Patents and Community Trademarks and

Within their client base is a substantial number of leading multinational companies, highlighting the firm’s dedication and trustworthiness.

Contact Details

Company: Danubia Patent
and Law Office LLC
Address: 16 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky
út, Budapest, H-1051
Mail: H-1368 Budapest 5,
POB 198, Hungary
Phone: ( 36 1) 411-8700
Fax: ( 36 1) 266-5770
E-mail: [email protected]

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