Executive Coaching: The Secret to Sustained Success

Moving You Forward Ltd, an award winning company, provide business consultancy and coaching, offering a variety of services using different tools and techniques to achieve the desired results in relation to business growth through effective communication and developing relationships. I have a varied selection of clients, who I have worked with over the years in many different sectors, all over the world, which I feel enables me to bring new and different perspectives to each organisation I work with. My clients range from Banking and Finance to the Care Sector, Luxury Leisure Hotels to Telecommunications, Media to Community Trust organisations and Retail to Construction.

In regard to my approach when working with new and existing clients, I continually look to see how best to serve them, to the best of my ability and to fit with their needs. By doing so I have attained several tools in my kit bag over the years, constantly evolving. This was recognised last year when I won a national award for delivering exceptional Customer Service.

In the eleven years I have been in business, I have been very lucky to have been recommended by word of mouth to new clients. In the early days, when I was getting into the business community and raising my profile, I went to every networking event there was, if there was an opening of an envelope I was there! Nowadays with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook it is easier to get your message out there quickly. If we look at the major trends and developments shaping the industry today there is now a lot more awareness around mindfulness, encouraging people to really get a life/work balance. Appreciating that we all have the potential to burn out, especially, if we do not take action and observe the triggers for stress and euphoria.

Engagement is a big buzz word at the moment too; there are lots of different views on how organisations achieve this. For me it is so important that organisations recognise the importance of noticing and nurturing talent, leveraging their strengths and tapping into motivators to get the most out of themselves and others.

These days there is a lot of online training opportunities with webinars, e-learning, Skype, Zoom and Facetime providing an environment which is conducive to learning and development.

Online mediums all serve as a great support, especially in larger global organisations. However, one cannot always replace the human element with the face to face coaching and training, the interaction of groups, when the energy in the room is palpable. I like to provide a combination of both.

Right now it is a great time to be a coach, it is far more recognised as a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ support for individuals, personally and professionally.

When I look back to over a decade ago when I started coaching, it was somewhat considered a bit ‘Tree hugging and woolly’ I do recall following a meeting with an HR Director that she commented to my colleague that she was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t wearing a kaftan!

I recall at networking events, when introducing myself as a Life Coach, people would either glaze over and move away or become slightly defensive thinking that I was analysing their every word and summing them up ready for the funny farm! It was often thought of as therapy, and no-one wanted to consider they needed that.

Nowadays, people recognise that the process of coaching is about an investment in themselves, understanding that if their line manager has suggested they have some coaching it is a positive intervention, rather than leaping to the conclusion that something needs fixing.

When the coaching intervention takes place, it ultimately will result in a better performing person, both in and out of the workplace.

No one questions a top sports person having a coach it is now the same in the business world.

I am delighted to have been asked to feature in AI this month and to share some thoughts and insights into Coaching. I love what I do, am proud to work with some amazing people and honoured to see how they have developed and grown as my business has too.

Looking ahead to 2016 and beyond I will be looking to keep up with current ideas and trends while continuing to develop as a coach/mentor/consultant.

The challenge is to keep the message constant and to ensure that ‘People Development’ remains high on the agenda in any business. It is always the area which the financial director will look at and question the ROI. By providing robust coaching and training to clients, it is possible to track progress and prove the investment is worth it, you do not have a business without people.

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