Next Group is a highly innovative technology company, providing unique telecommunications platforms that are both elegant and efficient. This profile highlights their continued success, particularly their landmark deal concerning Lubar Technologies, and the myriad benefits it will bring to their company.

The technology behind Next Group is truly revolutionary, as it creates robust, switchless, scalable, high density and high performance telecommunication networks. Through this technology, they give their clients proprietary and sustainable competitive advantages in efficiency, stability, security, flexibility, and cost. In turn, this allows them to deliver highest-quality voice, video, and data services at exceptional profit margins.

Moreover, its proprietary network design and software enable traditional IP voice, video, and data services as well as advanced applications such as their NxtGn solution for providing HD video in per-minute billing increments. Alongside this, the NxtGn call routing engines and integrated traffic monitoring, reporting, billing, and infrastructure management platforms deliver scalability, security, cost efficiency, and the best stability in the domestic and international long distance market.

As such, this unique technology enables its clients to offer provisioning, testing, and interconnection with new customers within an hour of contract execution rather than the days usually required for interconnectivity between most international telecommunications wholesalers and their new customers.

Its platform services allow PTTs and other incumbent or emerging carriers to develop and deploy OFDMA WiMAX and other 4G Network applications at a fraction of the infrastructure development, capital expenditures, and other start-up costs associated with rival solutions. Furthermore, the NxtGn communications platform allows their clients to support all their traffic in a compact, single-rack footprint.

Additionally, its automated central network management with 24/7 traffic and network monitoring functionality allow NxtGn clients to grow traffic without increasing operating overheads or incremental operating costs. With all of these aspects in mind, the results for their clients include improved call quality, minimised dropped calls, scalable capacity, automated central network management, expedited turn-up times, reduced operational and billing complexities, lost revenues recapture and monetisation of new revenue sources, to name a few.

The landmark acquisition of Lubar Technologies is not the only major deal the company has been involved with over the past 12 months, as the company merged with Pleasant Kids, Inc (PLKD) in August 2015. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Pleasant Kids is America’s premier supplier of naturally balanced alkalised spring water, “healthy water” and all natural apple juice for children.
As a company that is always looking towards providing more efficient and advanced technological solutions, Next Group’s deal with Lubar Technologies is a move that can only benefit both companies.

Founded in 2002, Lubar is in the business of redefining the live gaming experience by developing and providing innovative video conferencing gaming solutions. Lubar applications allow real physical casinos located throughout the world to market their games-including blackjack, poker, roulette, and dice games, among others-to the online gaming market.

Focusing on providing the best video quality, audio clarity, and usability for end users and service providers, Lubar’s video conferencing gaming system transforms the way players participate in online gaming, while enabling physical casino operators profitable new services and revenue streams.

Using Lubar technology, players remotely accessing casino games from their home computers are able to see and talk with the dealer or croupier and with other players, as if they were in the casino. Using real cards, real dice, real casino equipment, and a live dealer preserves the element of randomness and enhances the experience of realism for remote gamers.

The move was part of Next Group’s continuing efforts to maximise commercial application and usage of its NxtGn subsidiary’s proprietary NxtGn AVYDA technology and its HD video network, and to accelerate revenue growth. 

“We plan to integrate certain unique features of NxtGn’s proprietary AVYDA HD video technology into Lubar’s products and services, making the Lubar user’s experience even better,” said Arik Maimon, Chairman and CEO of PLKD. 

“Deploying NxtGn AVYDA technology will give us a competitive advantage in the $30 billion per annum online gaming industry,” said Yacob Rafaeli, founder and CEO of Lubar. With such optimism arising from both parties of the deal, we expect that this deal will bring continued success for both companies.

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