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Electric Visual Evolution, LLC is a global, premium, sport and life styleaccessory brand rooted in southern California’s rich action sports, music, art and customization cultures.

Founded in 2000 in California, Electric makes quality products that enhance active lifestyles, offering ‘Stylethat performs’. By building upon what has stood the test of time, Electric reengineers classics. The firm’s unrelenting approach to the elevation of style, quality
and function in its products has earned the brand a renowned position.

The brand designs and markets sunglasses, snow goggles and helmets, watches, backpacks, luggage and accessories. They can be found throughout the Americas, Europe, Japan, China and Australasia in Lifestyle boutiques, department stores, sports shops and online, including Electric’s own e-commerce websites.

Electric is part of the Kering Group, a world leader in apparel and accessories which develops an ensemble of powerful luxury and sport and lifestyle brands.

In 2014, Electric completed the refresh of its instore display fixtures; delivering over 2000 displays worldwide with an immediate positive effect on sell through. Electric’s ecommerce business also continued to grow according to plan in the U.S., and launched in Canada and Europe.

Additionally, Electric expanded its watch product line offering to include digital and digital tide, which was nominated for SIMA Accessory Product of the Year. Electric’s restructured sunglass offering includes ambassador inspired collaborations, limited edition premium acetate frames, and more; all featuring Electric’s signature melanin-injected lens. Electric successfully launched its inaugural line of protective snow helmets and a new patent pending snow goggle technology to the market called Press Seal, initially in the EG3 model.

CEO Eric Crane started his career in graphic design and advertising in 1993 with a position with Arnette Optics. Having quickly earned recognition at Arnette within the action sports community, he joined the San Francisco based Astro Studios in 1998. 

In 2000, Eric partnered with Electric to launch the brand by designing the identity, and maintained the brand’s image until 2003. In 2007, Eric joined Nixon, Inc. as the brand’s first Global Vice President of Product and Design, before coming back to Electric
in 2012 as Chief Commercial Officer and was soon after appointed CEO in 2013.

Looking to the future, Electric will continue its expansion plans in new geographies and channels, working with new distribution partners. Electric’s premium collection of eyewear, watches and small leather goods will be marketed to premium Lifestyle boutique and department store channels, while its technical and Sport driven products will be targeted towards its existing action sports, premium Sporting Goods and outdoor channels. Electric’s female focus will also be expanding with new colours in existing styles, smaller watch and goggle sizes, and a communication plan dedicated to women.

Contact Details

Company: Electric Visual
Evolution, LLC
Phone: 1-800-958-6556
Address: 1001 Calle Amanecer
San Clemente, CA 92673

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