Delta Network System Ltd. is the core entity of DNS group, with the vision of providing best solution for advanced networking and integration solutions and services.

During the last 18 Years of business, DNS has created not only customer loyalty but also a perfect blend of
technical and managerial skills. As a result, DNS has developed confidence for exploring new areas in IT/ ITES sector taking poised steps forward in the IT field.

The firm is dedicated to ensuring their clients find the software solution to meet their needs. It has assisted many to transform information into power of competitive advantages through technology and needful solutions whether by developing computer
network, telecommunications, satellite connectivity, software, telemedicine, internet or any complex computing.

Lead by the Managing Director, Mr. Rafel Kabir, the firm’s team is made up of industry experienced, dynamic people who all share the passion for technology. The team chemistry is strong and the collaboration between the content team, development team, NOC Team and marketing team is totally integrated, producing maximum output within minimum time.

The firm’s founders have the vision of maintaining the work environment, as a pleasurable experiencefor her employees. This is brought to fruition by their commitment, dedication and high motivation which have become embedded in their employees.

This has provided the firm with the strength to fulfil mission critical projects on turnkey basis.

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Company: DNS Group