CEO of the Year – USA

Founded in Southern California in 1995, GoWireless has continually strived to be a driving force in the wireless industry. Working at the helm of this highly innovative company is Kevin Elder, who took the time out to speak to Acquisition International about his company and how they are constantly driven to succeed.

To kick things off, how would you describe GoWireless to someone to who had never heard of you before?
Basically, GoWireless is a national authorised retailer for Verizon, who specialise in wireless retail products for consumers and small businesses. As such, our client base is predominantly individual and family consumers.

How is your business performing at present and what challenges are you currently facing?
Our business is very robust and I see some very good years ahead. However, like any business, we need to be nimble and be able to change quickly as the business and industry inevitably changes.

The biggest challenge facing the business today is the uncertainty around the future roadmap of the wireless industry.
We are trying to gauge a timeframe as to when phones and accessories will take a back seat to more innovative network or media products, and how will GoWireless participate in these opportunities. However, I trust in the relationship that we have built with Verizon and I am confident that we will be in a very good position to succeed with them.

With the rapid growth and constantly changing technology coming from the wireless industry, what has been your
philosophy on leading a business in such an ever-evolving arena?
From my experience, leaders simply cannot be wavering in their management of the business, and making key decisions in a timely manner and following through with actions leads to greater success. Being an effective leader requires trust and confidence in the team you build around yourself. One cannot be everything to everyone and manage every minute aspect of the business.

Therefore, it is critical to seek out and retain talented team members that know the industry and know business
In a fast-paced industry such as ours, corporate success is deeply dependent on the innovation and creativity of those in leadership roles. In this respect, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the competition and not get complacent.

Please can you tell us more about your team at GoWireless, and how they contribute to the firm’s success?
First and foremost, having the right leadership team surrounding me is vital. Once this is in place, having a well-trained and motivated team in the field is equally as important. Consumers have a choice when purchasing products and services, and I want them to choose GoWireless. We need to work hard, and build talented and highly successful teams to ensure that we deliver the type of experience that keeps customers coming back and telling others about their experience.

Could you tell us about you experience prior to your current position? How has this informed the work you do today?
I have always been an entrepreneur and very driven to succeed. Prior to founding GoWireless in 1995, I worked for a company selling faxing services to large businesses. I quickly saw the potential in the communications/telecommunications industry and opened up my first retail store selling pagers and cellular telephones. The rest is history.

It is indeed! Moving away from the past, what does the future have in store for GoWireless? What are your plans for 2017 and beyond?
I need to stay challenged and innovative. As the wireless business related to smartphones continues to mature, I want to find the next ‘go to’ device and/ or service that consumers will be standing in line to buy. We want to continue to deliver innovative products combined with a world class customer experience in our retail doors. We will look to expand our retail footprint throughout the US while exploring other ways to service the needs of our customers.

Thank you very much for speaking to Acquisition International, and many congratulations on receiving this recognition for your continued success! Thank you very much too! I must say it has been really great to share my thoughts with you and spread the word about GoWireless!

Company: GoWireless, Inc.
Name: Kevin Elder
Email: [email protected]
Address: 9970 W. Cheyenne
Ave., Las Vegas NV 89129
Phone: +1 866 487 1222