2016’s Ones to Watch in Due Diligence

Since its establishment, Information Age for I.T. Consultations has helped businesses and organisations reap the rewards of following I.T. market trends. At our company, we focus on a highly diverse range of trends, including natural language processing, text analytics, as well as social media analytics and strategies, to name just a few. Added to our expertise, we are partners with a numbers of international firms including SAS, Microsoft, Citrix, and Face Group.

In this regard, we are currently working on an Arabic taxonomy and sentiment analysis project in collaboration with SAS ( The project aims at building the Arabic language processing capabilities that will allow SAS social media analytics system to use Modern Standard Arabic and Kuwaiti dialect for sentiment analysis and taxonomy-based analysis.

Furthermore, Forrester Research highlighted our efforts in the field of natural language processing, big data, and text analytics for Arabic in a report published on November 2015 entitled “The Gulf Cooperative Council’s Big Data Opportunity: How The GCC Can Use Big Data to Be More Competitive”.

Although we receive a lot of business through client referrals, we implement a number of other strategies to add to our existing client base. In this sense, we utilise the media, web, and social media channels to market our products and services. We are also participating in the local and regional conferences and 

seminars to highlight our expertise. In addition, as the firm’s founder and CEO, I offer my firm’s expertise, products, and services to the governmental and private sector agencies that hire me as a consultant or team member.

With respect to due diligence, business’ operations should of course be subject to a thorough examination. In order to ensure that this is implemented correctly, a business analyst with enterprise risk assessment experience should be hired to make this examination in order to identify the opportunities, risks, and sustainability associated with any acquisition. The assessment should focus on the operations infrastructure of the business and cover (among others) the following areas: customer satisfaction, products/services, information management, sales and marketing, organisational structure, and human resources.

Looking towards the latter half of 2016 and beyond, we are very optimistic about the future of our company. With markets trends constantly changing, we need to always adapt and change with the market, and this is something that we embrace at our company and look forward to adding to the innovations in our industry.

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