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Best Compliance Database Framework

Since 1992, Unified Compliance has developed ground-breaking tools to support IT best practices, with a focus on solutions and processes that further the science of compliance, including harmonization methods, metrics, systems continuity, and governance.

By applying the scientific method to compliance — rigorously testing best practices and methodologies as well as analysing and organizing information into a rational format — Unified Compliance has developed a logical approach to compliance that reduces cost, limits liability, simplifies the compliance process, and leverages the value of related technologies and services across the enterprise.

Unified Compliance’s flagship product is the Common Controls Hub™, a new, dynamic SaaS portal, which allows for easier extraction of needed data from the patented, industry-vetted Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF). The UCF has been widely recognized as the best way for any organization to determine its IT, privacy, physical security, records management, and supply chain requirements and is used as a core component of advanced GRC solutions by leading software publishers, certified auditors and consultants worldwide.

Now, the Common Controls Hub gives users rapid access to the UCF’s massive data repository of more than 90,000 individual mandates from 800 laws and standards from around the globe. The Common Controls Hub identifies harmonized controls across authority documents, and across industries including PCI for retailers, SOX for accounting practices, HIPAA for healthcare, NIST for the government, NERC for energy suppliers, etc. The harmonization process alone typically results in a 65 percent reduction in the controls an organization needs to implement, generating massive compliance cost savings.

The Common Controls Hub simplifies the need to research, interpret, and reconcile new and evolving mandates. Now users can:

·         Centrally scope, define, and maintain regulatory demands online

·         Automatically compile custom, harmonized control lists in minutes by vertical industries, market segments and geographies.

·         Effortlessly integrate new mandates with existing controls

·         Reduce governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements to the bare minimum

·         Create an instant gap overlap analysis to drastically reduce audit requirements

·         Generate hundreds of custom compliance templates and checklists for organizational standards, policies, roles, events and                   more.


Users may subscribe to the Common Controls Hub or use the free account for compliance research. Sorting through the most up-to-date regulatory demands, figuring out which controls need to be implemented, and how they overlap is now a quick process with a few simple mouse clicks.

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