Award for Excellence in Hedge Fund Risk Management

TreeTop Asset Management, creating wealth since 1988

Since 1988, our job has been to manage global funds invested in convertible bonds and shares and patrimonial funds. TreeTop Asset Management is a solid, debt-free company that currently manages € 2.5 billion.

Six principles at the heart of our investment philosophy.

Our original approach favours the independent selection of shares, based on clear beliefs and in-depth analysis.

1.      Managing with conviction

2.      Global and flexible approach

3.      Absolute performance

4.      Transparency policy

5.      A healthy spread of risk

6.      Remuneration policy

Over 25 years of absolute performance.

As our fund managers actively seek out investment opportunities around the world in every economic sector, the TreeTop funds have managed to achieve absolute performance for over 25 years. Despite the crises and whatever the cycle, there are always companies creating value.

Fund managers that can repeatedly beat the market are rare.

TreeTop Funds are managed by high-level experienced professionals. To endeavor to deliver consistent above average performances, the fund managers must show determination, team spirit and a solid experience of global stock markets. Each fund promoted by TreeTop Asset Management is managed by a dedicated experienced team that follows its own investment approach methodically and independently to build a global and diversified portfolio.

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