2015 CMO of the Year Award for B2B Innovation and Global Markets

Traxpay’s mission is to transform the way that companies pay and get paid, and to supercharge supply chains via faster, smarter, more transparent financial transactions on a global basis.

Our Traxpay B2B Dynamic Payments platform was created to fulfill the need for faster, safer, smarter B2B payments, a market worth $300 trillion annually. The modular, SAP-certified, cloud-based platform enables Dynamic Payments that are able to adapt in real-time to the complex and constantly changing parameters which define B2B trade. Enterprise transactions are multi-faceted by nature, and due to changing conditions and business relationships, a payment may need to be split, combined, rerouted, canceled, partially refunded, factored, put into escrow, executed on condition, paid on delivery, discounted, or in some other way dynamically altered during the course of the transaction. 

Unlike legacy payment methods which are static, Traxpay’s Dynamic Payments embeds the payment process directly into B2B commerce network operator platforms (P2P, O2C, ERP, etc.) and connects all associated transaction data and remittance information to the payment. Dynamic Payments utilizes this rich data in combination with an event-driven workflow engine that constantly monitors for any changes to the who, what, when, where, why, or how of the payment, and executes and settles the payment accordingly - instantly, anytime, and 24/7/365.

Dynamic payments catapult B2B trade into the internet age. Globalization means that more and more companies are trading internationally, and as such, the already complex relationships between buyers and suppliers are poised to become infinitely more complex. Corporate treasury, strategic sourcing and accounts payable professionals are beginning to see the potential for greatly optimizing work flows and business interactions, for lowering costs, and for ultimately transforming electronic payments and transaction data into a strategic asset.


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