Top US Long/Short Strategy - Diversified Arbitrage

Pan Agora Asset Management

Founded in 1989, PanAgora Asset Management is a premier provider of investment solutions spanning most major asset classes and risk ranges. We manage portfolios using sophisticated quantitative techniques that incorporate fundamental insights and vast amounts of market information. While PanAgora’s investment strategies are highly systematic in nature, the processes deployed within these strategies are built and overseen by talented professionals with significant and diverse investment experience. Innovative research plays a central role in our investment philosophy and process, and is an essential component of our firm’s ability to deliver attractive investment results. Most investment team members are engaged in original research using fundamental intuition, market intelligence, modern finance and scientific methods.

PanAgora offers both absolute and relative return strategies within Alternative, Risk Premia, and Active Equity disciplines.  PanAgora’s Equity capabilities include market neutral, long-short and long-only strategies spanning the universe of  Global Developed and Emerging markets, as well as sub-categories focused on specific regions and capitalizations. We believe that a process deploying quantitative techniques based upon sound fundamental insights - whether they relate to investor behavior, a company’s operations, macro-economic signals, or other trends in the marketplace - is likely to generate more persistent performance than less disciplined approaches that rely too heavily upon statistical techniques without fully understanding the underlying factors that influence a security’s price movement.

PanAgora’s Multi-Asset capabilities include absolute return and alternative beta strategies designed to generate more stable returns and greater downside protection by capturing both Market Risk premia and Factor Risk premia in a more efficient manner than traditional approaches. Our Diversified Risk strategies (both multi-asset and single-asset) are built upon a philosophy of Risk Parity, a belief that a portfolio with balanced risk allocations will generate more stable returns and greater downside protection than more concentrated approaches such as capitalization weighted or capital balanced.  

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