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The Chambers of R. Sivagnanam & Associates

The Chambers Group is constituted by the Chambers of R Sivagnanam & Associates and its Consulting Arm. It is headed by its founder Rutheran Sivagnanam. We spoke to them about the wealth of experience and expertise they provide for their clients.

The Chambers has its expertise rooted in more than 15 years of history during which time it has overseen some of the largest and most topical infrastructure projects, boardroom tussles, acquisitions and mergers, industrial disputes and defamation proceedings of our time.

On the advisory front they have developed strong government relations which enabled them to mediate the procurement of public-sector contracts, which were supported by various complex funding mechanisms. They have since regionalized and established a network of close associates in Singapore, London, the United States of America and much of the European Union. 

Operating from offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore and London, they offer their clients a full suite of services which encompass both advisorial support and representation in dispute resolution.

In summary their practice divisions include:

i.                     Dispute Resolution:

ii.                   Corporate Law:

iii.                  Commercial Law:

iv.                 Employment Law:

v.                   Public Sector & EPC Contracts:

vi.                 Capital Markets and Corporate Finance:

vii.                Construction & Real Estate Joint Ventures:

viii.              Art & Antiquities:

Their track record of past successes have solidified a strong client base which includes leading Malaysian companies, MNCs, PLCs, public institutions and statutory bodies from all sectors of the economy. They have been engaged across southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Europe where they have sustained the trust of their Client and the ambition of their team.

In 2014 and 2015, the Chambers Group was heavily engaged in various international commodity trades disputes, which required engagement in a number of key arbitral jurisdictions. Their construction law practice also saw action across a number of city centre developments in Malaysia and South East Asian Countries. In Employment Law, they continued to innovate solutions for collective trade disputes and a wide range of individual dismissals and especially in fiduciary cases involving the higher income category. They were engaged in on going disputes in the Banking sector where trade union immunity against suits in defamation was being tested. Their general dispute resolution practice was no less engaged as they addressed contentious disputes involving developmental joint ventures and the laws of trust. Their public law practice was tested heavily both in respect of trade union law and land acquisition.

Company: The Chambers of R. Sivagnanam & Associates



Address: 7th Floor Wisma Genting

28 Jalan Sultan Ismail

50250 Kuala Lumpur


Telephone:  603 2732 9530

Fax:  603 2732 9531

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