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Skenderbeg Alternative Investments 

The multiple award-winning Skënderbeg Fund specializes in long/short equity strategies and offers investors access to exceptional hedge fund investments on a global scale. The monthly dealing FoHF was launched in February 2014 with a concentrated portfolio of 10-15 small to mid-sized managers who are typically overlooked by larger shops. Our investment universe consists of global long/short equity funds with low net exposures.

The investment philosophy of our fund is based on the motto “boring is good”. We need some risk to make returns, but we don't want drawdown risks. The Skënderbeg Fund has a very low live beta and a slightly negative correlation to the markets. We invest in smaller but established hedge funds that are “below the radar”.

Our strategy allows us greater access to management teams and enables us to get full transparency. It provides us with a better chance to uncover hidden gems. The positive, steady, eventless, and therefore “boring” compounding of capital while avoiding sharp drawdowns is the most elementary part of successful long-term investing. Our approach is to come back to the solid roots of long/short equity investing rather than trying to reinvent the wheel by launching some fancy products, which nobody understands.

The three founders Bruno Schneller, Thomas Fliegner and I have worked closely together at Swiss FoHF pioneer BrunnerInvest before launching Skënderbeg. We are not only a new FoHF, but also a new FoHF company, which is something rather unusual in these days. We are not the “last of the Mohicans”, but rather the “first mover” of the new FoHF generation because of the lessons learned in 2008.

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