Sie Holding Acquires 51% of Shares in Tagor Electronic doo Nis

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Marija Tasic and Vanja Stojanovic, attorneys at law from Tasic & Partners, after months of negotiation, have finalized the acquisition between Austrian company System Industrie Electronic Holding AG (SIE Holding) and Tagor Electronic doo Nis, leading manufacturer of electrical equipment in southern Serbia.

The team from T&P has represented Tagor Electronic doo Nis and its founders as the assignors in the transaction. Their involvement has served to protect its clients’ best interest at hand, help maintain balance between mutual rights and obligations and overcome issues deriving from different legislation, different practice and practical experience between the assigning and acquiring party.

This transaction resulted in the SIE Holding family owning 51% of shares in Tagor Electronic doo Nis, client of Tasic&Partners. This help to further cement Tagor Electronics’ position as one of the leading companies in manufacturing electronic solutions and components and has provided Tagor Electronic doo Nis with new geographical presence in western and central Europe, as well as greater financial stability and strength.

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