Offshore Excellence Awards 2016 FAQ

Who has voted for me?

Voting has been open for a number of weeks and we have been accepting both third party and self-nominations from the 108,000 subscribers of Acquisition International Magazine and thousands of industry professionals worldwide. Please note the voting form is anonymous and so we are unable to provide details of who has nominated for you, however you will have been selected under a specific category which we can provide you information on. In addition to this, Acquisition International has also put forward a selection of candidates who we believe to be industry leaders.

How are nominations determined?

In order to guarantee that awards are given only to the firms and individuals who have earned the recognition, our awards committee carefully inspects all votes and supporting evidence supplied.

We dedicate the same time and effort to each vote and our in-house research team leaves no stone unturned in our bid to verify the accuracy of the information we’re provided with.

Is there a charge?

There is absolutely no cost associated throughout the process or indeed if you should go on to win. Whilst we do offer promotional and marketing opportunities these are not mandatory and we always offer a complimentary option.

When can we publicly announce our award?

We have a strict embargo in place until we publicly announce the results and ask everyone involved to respect this. You will receive formal notification of this and also a link to the winners’ supplement.

How have you ensured the voting process is legitimate?

We track sources of the voters to make sure that a firm cannot guarantee success by submitting multiple votes, but we do this with some latitude as we appreciate that multiple people in the same business may wish to cast votes.

Are these awards for the firm or the individual?

The 2016 Offshore Excellence Awards can be on behalf of the firm, team or individual.

Have you published the Offshore Excellence Awards before? Can I see an example?

Yes, we have - please visit our website to see previous award supplements across a range of sectors. You can view the 2014 and 2015 Offshore Excellence Award Winners’ Supplements by clicking here.

Is there an awards dinner?

We do not host an awards dinner or presentation. It’s our overriding philosophy that if we’re going to ask our winners to part with their monies, it shouldn’t be for a slap up dinner. We prefer that advertising budgets go towards meaningful campaigns where there is a real opportunity to promote the brand and grow the client base.




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