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MoneySoft® Business Valuation Specialist™

The winner of Acquisition International’s Award for Best Business Valuation Software Solution is MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist.

Business Valuation Specialist was originally created in 1999 in collaboration with Practitioner’s Publishing Company (PPC), a unit of Thomson Reuters.  PPC licensed the software and published it under their imprint. In July 2013, MoneySoft acquired PPC’s rights to Business Valuation Specialist and simultaneously released an enhanced edition the program that they launched as the new MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist (MBVS).

MBVS provides analysts and valuation professionals with an effective alternative to Excel spreadsheets.  This system streamlines the process of reaching an authoritative conclusion of value and creating well-documented business appraisals or valuation reports -- while guiding you around the traps and pitfalls that are baked into spreadsheets and other forms of valuation software.

MBVS is used by professional business appraisers, accountants, business advisors and educators who need a system that goes beyond a fill-in-the-blanks or legacy valuation solutions.

The benefits of MBVS are fourfold: help increase a valuator’s productivity, enable valuators to properly apply valuation theory, help the analyst more sharply focus on the judgment factors that shape the conclusion of value and provide an effective way to communicate the value conclusion to the client and the appropriate value-authority such as the Internal Revenue Service, a Court or an administrative body.

MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist addresses the essential elements for business valuation:

§  The normalization of financial statement data to reflect the actual economics of the business;

§  A rigorous evaluation of the company’s performance and financial position using trend and industry peer analysis;

§  An analysis of the future earnings and dividend-paying capacity of the business based upon either management’s projections or projections prepared by the valuator.  MBVS generates detailed, fully-linked projections of Balance Sheets, Statement of Cash Flows and free cash flows (both levered and debt-free) along with income statements for up to ten years.

§  A logical, step-wise application of the Asset, Income and Market valuation approaches to reach conclusions of Enterprise-level and Shareholder-level values. 

§  An onboard report builder (included) for creating supportable and well-documented standards-based valuation reports or appraisals that are completely customizable and editable.

The ValuSense Advantage™ is what separates the MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist from other valuation software alternatives.  Customer feedback and research has been organized and adapted in Business Valuation Specialist to help you avoid many of the problems found in spreadsheets and other software.

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