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Brand growth is driven by all experiences people have with brands, yet half or more typically go unmeasured. MESH uniquely addresses this gap through Experience Driven Marketing: a new framework for the next generation of marketers to unlock brand growth.

Experiences, whether seeing a poster or consuming the product, are the building blocks of brands and marketers instinctively know that people are having important, yet unmeasured, experiences with their brands  (ex. seeing other people using their brands, the shopper experience in store, day to day conversations, etc.).  It is no longer enough to create a brand proposition and seek the best ways to communicate this. Nowadays, it is equally important to answer the question, “How are people experiencing my brand?” MESH’s Experience Driven Marketing answers exactly this question, allowing marketers to measure and manage these experiences. Experiences today predict behaviour tomorrow, giving marketers a brand guidance system with more certainty about the impact that marketing activity has on people and therefore their brand.

Mesh delivers powerful new metrics:

·         Share of Experience: Marketers know their share of spending versus their competitors but not their share of experience, which             MESH has proven to be MORE correlated with market share.

·         Experience Reach: The percent of consumers who have been exposed to your brand in any way.

·         The Experience Multiplier: The ratio of all experiences to those from paid media alone. For a brand like Starbucks, their share of           experience among coffee brands can be three to five times greater versus Folgers because of their social media following, app           use, and time in stores. We have found from analysis of our experience data that the higher the multiplier, the higher the ROI to             paid media.

·         Experience Impact Scores: Analysis of which experiences are most predictive of market share to direct your experience                         strategies.

No other agency understands more about the way people experience brands.  For nearly a decade MESH has captured people’s experiences with brands in real time. Our database of millions of experiences, collected over time, across country and category, reveals important trends and truths about the way people relate to brands today. Our unique ability to measure all forms of brand experiences and correlate that to brand performance is the single best way to unlock brand growth to date.

MESH can help you unlock brand growth by uncovering the ‘black holes’ of knowledge, whether through consultancy or conducting a deep dive into the way people are experiencing yours and your competitor brands, using our award-winning Real-time Experience Tracking (“a new tool [that] radically improves marketing research”, Harvard Business Review, 2012).  We’ll uncover a new perspective, create a state-of-the-art monitoring system for your essential brand metrics, and most importantly, help bring stakeholders along this

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