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Lautenschlager, Romeiro e Iwamizu Advogados

Lautenschlager, Romeiro e Iwamizu Advogados law firm is committed to building a relationship of trust and partnership with its clients, offering quality legal advice to both domestic and foreign companies. They have offices based in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The most valuable asset of the firm is its long-standing client relationships, based on trust and cooperation.

Engaged primarily in Sao Paulo, the firm seeks to meet the needs of its clients in other venues and Brazilian states by establishing associations with professionals that share the same work philosophy. The firm also has a broad network of reliable collaborators, such as, for example, professionals specialized in obtaining visas for foreigners, accountants, auditors, translators, experts, engineers, agronomists etc.

Brazil is the largest country in the Latin America region and has a huge market yet to be developed. Even if we are used to assisting different kinds of investors, it is a big challenge to familiarize their activities to the Brazilian law as our law system can be really difficult to non-natives.

Our firm provides legal consulting services related to a wide range of areas of law, including the negotiation and draft of contracts; corporate law matters, corporate governance and compliance; assistance to foreign investors; mergers, acquisitions and legal major projects; due diligence; real estate law. Furthermore, the firm provides legal services in the traditional fields of law such as labour, tax, antitrust and consumer law. We also have solid experience with judicial litigation involving civil and commercial disputes, as well as with commercial arbitration and mediation. The litigation practice encompasses all of the aforesaid fields of law.

Finally, the firm is a member of the Law Exchange International Association, which is an international association of law firms that serve clients doing business in major commercial markets across the globe; it aims at providing a comprehensive and seamless web of legal services to clients. Just as clients demands arise worldwide and instantly, member response and service shall meet quickly and efficiently those demands and challenges of a worldwide marketplace.

We are proud to be named “Recognized Leader in Contracts” since we made several efforts in the past years to continuously develop the “contractual area” of our firm, by training and specializing our professionals.  We constantly provide assistance to Brazilian and foreign companies in the drafting, negotiation and risk analysis of corporate contracts in general, local or international, including assistance in issues involving imports and exports and advice on local and international regulations. We have been seeking to attend in the best way possible our clients’ interests, and therefore enable them to carry out their business with safety and comfort in Brazil.

Finally, our professionals are also highly prepared to act in a globalized environment, thanks to their international and multicultural experience, one of our best advantages. Furthermore, given its optimized structure, our firm is also able to deliver appropriate legal solutions based on an adequate cost arrangement. We deem it vital to perfectly know the business and the needs of our client and provide them with all the necessary information to ensure the best deals to our clients.


Company: Lautenschlager, Romeiro e Iwamizu Advogados


Address: Av. Paulista, 1337, São Paulo - SP, 01311-200, Brazil

Phone: 55 11 3253-5930

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