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Freestyle Solutions, formerly Dydacomp, provides essential inventory, order and customer management solutions that simplify multichannel retail business. Our solutions automatically sync inventory, orders, customers and sales across channels, to drive operational efficiency and productivity. With Freestyle Solutions, retailers have a single view into their business operations, providing the insight to make better informed decisions to grow their business.

From the perspective of a retailer, understanding what the customer wants is not hard – to have their product(s) delivered accurately and on-time. Delivering on that commitment can be complicated and often overwhelming, especially when the retailer is growing. That’s where Freestyle Solutions comes in to provide business benefits.

Freestyle Solutions automates the entire process from the collection of orders, through to the picking, packing, shipping, payment processing and inventory tracking, to ensure accuracy and efficiency in getting your orders fulfilled. From multichannel order management, to inventory visibility & control across multiple channels, drop ship management, customer management, and integration with Magento, Amazon, eBay & more, Freestyle’s got you covered! Freestyle Solutions offers cost efficient alternatives to ERP systems and enables customers to grow bigger with fewer people than they would need otherwise.

Freestyle Solutions helps retailers:
• Automate Inventory Updates To Avoid Stock Outs
• Manage Orders From Multiple Sales Channels
• Gain Visibility Across Business Operations
• Process & Ship Orders Faster With Integrated Shipping
• Sync Essential Financial Data

Freestyle Solutions is distinguished through our industry expertise, tenure in the industry and overall ability to enable small to medium sized retail & fulfillment businesses to grow faster by expanding their eCommerce presence & automating back office operations to manage critical aspects of their business.

By managing all of the back office operations in one solution, retailers save time, reduce errors, and ensure the best possible customer experience, because the ‘customer experience doesn’t end at checkout’. Over 2,000 small to medium-sized multichannel merchants rely on Freestyle Solutions to automate their back office operations and drive business growth. Our clients collectively engage over a million shoppers daily, generating nearly USD 10 million in gross merchandise sales every day. Visit

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