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EthosData is a global provider of virtual data room services.  EthosData was founded in 2,007 and is now partly owned by Moody’s Analytics (NYSE:MCO).  With it simple, fast platform and its professional client service, EthosData has become the data room of choice of many global law firms, investment banks and corporations, working with a diverse set of clients spanning from industry leaders to small boutique start-ups.   In the last few years EthosData has been used in some of the most public M&A and IPO transactions worldwide.

“This is the third year in a row that the readers of Acquisition International award our data room service this distinction.  We are very proud of this and will keep working hard to provide the best service and the most secure, easiest to use dataroom” says Francisco Lorca, Founder and CEO, EthosData.

Global M&A last year hit a 7 year high with some of the biggest deals happening in almost all the sectors - reversing the trend of the past few years.  The factors that supported deal-making in 2014 are likely to be sustained in 2015, propelling a fresh round of robust activity in all the key markets around the world.  Fuelled by the increasing deal activity worldwide, the virtual data room industry is currently seeing a huge uptake, which in turns means the pace and precision of each deal has altered significantly. The use of virtual data rooms is evolving rapidly. Our clients are using virtual data rooms much earlier in the life of a transaction and are even using them internally between advisers and sell side clients to prepare documents before initiating discussions with potential investors or bidders. We believe that this shift in the role of virtual data rooms is driven by the positive experiences that advisers and clients have had with the convenience, simplicity and functionality of the main platforms and with their satisfaction and trust in the level of service provided by the virtual data room specialists.

There is only a handful of global professional dataroom providers in the market that provide an acceptable level of security and functionality.  In EthosData, we have always believed that to stand out from within that group we have to provide a superior professional service and a platform that is easier and faster than our competitors. Bigger deals and shorter timelines leave the professionals involved super busy. Our aim is to become a part of our client's deal team to be able to manage their project, being reliable and giving them peace of mind

Over the past 12 months we have experienced a very challenging environment where we have had to pull out on all the stops to deliver an exceptional service as always in the most demanding stage of transactions. As a leading Virtual Dataroom Provider, we are proud to offer more than just a technological solution, we provide a 24x7 transaction service with our experienced deal coordinators specifically assigned for each of the transaction along with the most secure, robust and fastest platforms of the industry.

Our business grew very strongly in all the regions last year; we are almost synonymous to the word Virtual data room in some of key markets in Europe, Asia and Americas. With our global presence, we benefit from operating in different markets to provide a superior dataroom management service, blending our local knowledge with a global reach. Since our inception, we have envisioned the transition from paper to virtual data rooms, and our forward-thinking services have set the standard across the global markets. Virtual data rooms went from an exception to the norm in the Indian market, with areas like China also beginning to embrace this transition. Last year, we won the Best Virtual data room Provider of the year for Spain, Asia Pacific and Sustained Excellence in Dataroom services for UK. This year, we are happy to have topped that with multiple awards from AI (Best Virtual data room Provider for India, Spain and China). The awards we received last year also elevated our exposure in some key markets giving us the opportunity to work on some critical high profile transactions on different markets. We are very happy to have our platform recognized by our clients, partners and readers of AI as the “Most User Friendly Dataroom” on a global scale.   These accolades all demonstrate the flourishing demand for our services across the global markets.

Our presence in the US market has grown significantly with our partnership with The Vintage Group, owned by PR Newswire and one of the top-three providers of full-service regulatory compliance and shareholder services.  Their presence, track record and reputation; together with EthosData’s platform and local service are making us an outstanding, professional and competitive option to the large incumbent providers. Being " Virtual data room Rising Star - US" is testament to that and only the first step in our growth in the market.

While EthosData's philosophy is not written in stone, we have built a brand over the years that focus more on the service element to provide a service that we ourselves would demand if we were to run a transaction on a Virtual data room.  We continually invest in our business to provide the best, most secure and user friendly experience for our clients.

In terms of our overriding philosophy, the founders of EthosData all have very deep M&A experience. When we created the business our philosophy was to build a service that would help deal makers do their job. All the components of our technology and aspects of our services are built around that. We are not a technology company trying to sell an existing technology into a function –rather we are a specialized transaction business.

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