Launch of EF Education First’s new emoji keyboard proves social media icons are moving into education industry.

The international education company has created a "Travelmoji" product, which utilises emojis, picture icons commonly used on social media sites to express emotions such as hunger or happiness in a quick, facile manner.

The product is an emoji keyboard for mobile devices dedicated to all things travel and summer. With Travelmoji, users will be able to bring their adventures around the world to life using one-of-a-kind and eye-catching emojis.

EF views the Travelmoji as yet another step in easing communication between different nationalities as pictures are more universal than words. Jesper Bergendal, Executive Vice President of Marketing at EF Education First commented on this.

‘Emojis constitute a truly universal language, surpassing language barriers, and this is what EF is all about - to break barriers of language and making it possible for people of all nationalities to find common ground and communicate.’

The keyboard will consist of a series of emojis - from airplanes to sunglasses, flamingos and famous sights. EF will continue to add new emojis, such as exciting destinations and seasonal updates, and will thus continuously increase the keyboard's vocabulary and usefulness.

The product will be available on both android and OS platforms via the Google Play and Apple stores, offering customers a variety of ways to access the keyboard.

The launch of Travelmoji marks the emoji’s transactions from a simplistic addition to social media communication to an education tool being marketed as a universal language. This offers scope for the pictures to be used in further products, giving emojis the potential to go further and enter into the advertising, toys and app markets and beyond.

The launch of Travelmoji is linked to EF's Summer Music Festival, Summeranza, headlined by popular singer Charli XCX and welcoming around 6000 study abroad students from all over the world. A custom Summeranza emoji category has therefore been included in the Travelmoji keyboard.

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