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Steven Geiszler is a partner in the Dallas, Texas office of Dentons.  A registered patent attorney, Steven focuses on matters involving U.S. patents and trade secrets.  He spends most of his time litigating patent disputes in courts throughout the United States.  He also counsels clients regarding their patent portfolios, including ways in which they may better focus patent prosecution (procurement) to protect innovations or guard against competitors. 

In particular, Steven uses his litigation experience to help electronics companies tailor their patent portfolios.  Steven also works with transactional attorneys to ensure that intellectual property issues are properly accounted for in M&A deals or similar non-litigation matters.  Steven’s technical ability is a boon when explaining a technology client’s business to colleagues without those skills, while relying on his legal background to explain legal issues to those clients without a legal education. 

Steven’s client list covers the spectrum from tiny technology start-ups to some of the world’s largest companies.  Although intellectual property issues are often assumed to be specific to technology companies, much of Steven’s work involves companies in more traditional fields (e.g., banking and insurance) that discover intellectual property aspects in M&A deals or encounter patent litigation threats from competitors or non-practicing entities.  Steven’s office in Dallas includes more than 20 fulltime patent practitioners (many of whom have a PhD) with expertise in a wide array of technologies and industries.  Steven is able to draw on this deep resource of experience in Dallas—as well as dozens more patent practitioners in Dentons’ other offices—to assemble a formidable team capable of handling almost any issue or project.

Steven’s firm, Dentons, formed in March 2013 when international law firm Salans and Canadian law firm Frasier Milner Casgrain merged with SNR Denton, which itself was the product of a 2010 merger between U.S. law firm Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal and U.K. law firm Denton Wilde & Sapte.  Dentons recently grew when, on July 1, 2015, U.S. law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge merged into Dentons.  In addition, Dentons has agreed to combine with Chinese law firm 大成 (pronounced “da CHUNG”), which will form the world’s largest law firm, with more than 6,500 lawyers and professionals in 120 locations in more than 50 countries. 

Name: Steven M. Geiszler, Partner

Company: Dentons US LLP

Email: [email protected]

Address: 2000 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1900

Dallas, Texas  75201 USA

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