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Award for Excellence in Mediation Administration - UK

Award winning Barristers Chambers where lawyers are available to work directly with the public, business or via the traditional solicitor route. Barristers provide expert advice, drafting of legal or corporate documents and representation in court. It is often much cheaper to go directly to a Barrister than via the traditional solicitor route. Clerksroom is also the largest provider of mediators in England & Wales with fees starting from £500 VAT per party, anywhere in the UK.

Clerksroom is the administrative hub for Barristers throughout England & Wales. Our service is unique because we operate online, by phone or email and offer a 24/7 service. Our websites are for Barristers and Mediators, for public access and the 1st place to visit when you need a quote for fees from a Barrister. Our online service is linked to 200 Chambers and our public access portal offers the facility to compare prices from 80 Chambers who undertake public access work.

Multi-award winning chambers, mediation service and direct access from the public means that you can be assured a high quality service when you contact us online, by phone or email. If you have a legal need, we can help you obtain the right service that best suits your needs.

Call ct 0845 083 3000, go online at or email [email protected].

Our story

When Clerksroom opened in 2001, our mission was simple. We set out to be approachable and the 1st chambers a solicitor would want to call when they needed a Barrister or Mediator in England & Wales. With a focus on quality service and technology to provide excellence in everything we do, we set out to be structurally different and to deliver our services with passion, dedication and innovation.  We successfully mix the traditional chambers model, the Bar’s independence with great customer care and modern us of I.T. wherever possible we agree a fixed fees and aim to avoid charging any travel.

In 2001, we started with 2 Barristers and 1 Clerk, today we turn over £12m with 72 Barristers from 3 years call to Queens Counsel and we have 18 excellent Clerks.

Today, Clerksroom is an award winning chambers, recognised by most of the major directories and  is also trusted by 20,000 solicitors. We are one of the leading providers of Barristers & Mediators in England & Wales, conducting an average of over 1500 final hearings each month in addition to being one of the largest providers of advice and drafting by practicing Barristers. Clerksroom has a purpose build HQ in Taunton managing over 5,000 requests for Barristers help every month. We have also now developed into one of the largest mediation providers in the UK. Our services are available 24/7.


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