Capital Advisory Firm of the Year - Pennsylvania 

SteelBridge Ventures Consulting

SteelBridge is a boutique fund advisory services firm with expertise in alternative investments. We have a passion for helping our clients identify and affect change to improve process and technology for more effective organizations.

Capital Advisory

Our capital advisor experts work relentlessly to foster institutional-quality relationships between investors and investment managers. We provide a full array of capital services, marketing advice and strategic guidance to make the time-consuming, data-intensive processes of fundraising more streamlined. From emerging investment managers to established multi-fund firms, we have the tried-and-true methodologies and depth of experience to match you with the best investors for your funds.


We assist clients in building and implementing a fundraising plan for successfully advancing a fund’s launch. We specialize in introducing prospects  to cornerstone investors to gain traction and help create a balance of inbound versus outbound marketing. We assist with scheduling meetings and coordination of responses to investor due diligence questionnaires and inquires.     

Fundraising Marketing

We have extensive fund marketing experience and work with client investor relations teams to produce industry leading marketing materials.

Investor Relations

We provide comprehensive investor relations guidance, processes, and solutions that support investors’ needs throughout the entire fund lifecycle, from fund kickoff to final distribution.

Portfolio Company Review

We work with our clients to implement processes to gather accurate and timely portfolio company information allowing them to make informed investment decisions.

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