Best Brand Consultancy Firm 2015 - UK & Award for Innovation in Post-Deal Rebranding

Brand Potential Limited

Brand Potential is a brand consultancy providing creative insight, innovation and brand planning to brand owners and private equity, both in the UK and globally. We got in touch with them about their company as well as their unique approach to handling M&A transactions.

Formed in 2010 by 3 hands-on owner-founders, Brand Potential specialises in what we describe as Accelerator Brands: brands on a growth journey, brands needing a change of pace and/or brands working to a particular growth timeline.

We work across all stages of the M&A journey on both buy- and sell-side, helping our clients to find, define and size opportunities to inform deal decisions and support brands on their growth journey. It’s a formula that works particularly well for clients who have a clear commercial timelines and when buying or selling brands.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, confident acquisition requires a view of the future and we believe that having an insight into your consumer and/or your shopper is a crucial part of the due diligence process and that future view.

We combine multiple sources of insight to help identify the untapped potential and possibilities for the brand or business – from stakeholders, opinion leaders, trade partners, and of course from consumers and shoppers.

Recent transactions includes Bridges Ventures acquisition of 9Bar. We also supported ECI partners in their acquisition and subsequent post deal rebranding of the Rail Discoveries brand.

The Acquisition International M&A Awards are important for businesses like Brand Potential  as they act as a great PR vehicle, raising awareness of less publicised contributions to the deal process, such as consumer and brand due diligence. Awards such as this and the publicity it brings help give the work we do context in the wider industry and helps the industry understand the power of consumers.


Company: Brand Potential        

Name: Kieran Best         

Email: [email protected]        

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Address: Number One, 1 High Street,  Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1LD

Telephone: 01753 422 955

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