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Redart Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Redart Capital is a fundamental value oriented investment management firm that looks to bring together the various aspects of Fundamental, Technical and market information analysis to generate long and short investment ideas. Anuj Didwania is the principal investment advisor to the fund. The risk management and investment research process has been developed over 14 years of investing in Indian equity markets. Anuj has managed proprietary capital for Merrill Lynch and HSBC IB.

Redart Focus Fund is a value oriented India focused long short equity fund. It looks to generate superior risk adjusted returns by protecting capital in volatile markets and aims to deliver 10% p.a. excess returns over the benchmark index over a period of time.

The firm uses a 5-stage investment research process that brings together fundamental Macro and Micro variables, Technical analysis and use of scuttlebutt or stock information from the market grapevine.  Powerful risk management tools are employed across a diversified portfolio of long and short positions and across multiple sectors; the fund invests in liquid large/mid cap companies and employs strong stop losses to preserve capital. It uses single stock shorts to protect downside in a falling market. It employs a low churn strategy that holds positions for months/years.

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