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Steppen Wolf Capital

SteppenWolf Capital LLC (‘SteppenWolf’) is a Swiss-based multi manager multi fund investment company, providing cross-market / cross-asset investment management and advice to institutional and professional investors worldwide.

Steppenwolf’s discretionary trading strategies, portfolio construction techniques, and ancillary advisory services can be accessed by qualified investors globally via:

- public UCITS and private off-shore investment vehicles

- managed accounts with custom risk-return profiles; &

- risk management, analysis and research mandates.

Founded by Mr. Phoebus Theologites and Mr. Sebastian Schaefer in 2012, SteppenWolf Capital builds upon the proven investment concepts of the various investment teams, which have already left a major footprint in academics, research, and trading in derivative, equities and fixed income markets since the early eighties.

We regard positioning as an atomistic and amoral practice, far from the hype and spin fed to the herd to assuage its weakness, which requires adversity (and frugality) to induce hardness, strength and longevity.

Hermann Hesse‘s novel „Steppenwolf“ is a discourse of a man who believes himself to be of two natures: one high, the spiritual nature of man; while the other is low, animalistic, a "wolf of the steppes". This man is entangled in an irresolvable struggle, never content with either nature because he cannot see beyond this self-made concept. The pamphlet gives an explanation of the multifaceted and indefinable nature of every man's soul.

For us this reflects the need to be away from the financial herds when it comes to making sense of it all, applying behavioral finance as well as quantitative techniques to profit from cognitive biases, bounded rationality, mis-pricings, non-rational decision making and stereotypes to find the right balance in a portfolio built to survive and strive in what is yet to come.

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