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LONGITUDE Group is a unique organization of financial specialists and investment banking resources dedicated to private and institutional clients. 

Since 1995, we have acquired a solid combination of expertise and practical experience built on a foundation of the highest ethical standards, risk consciousness and good common sense, all essential to the delivery of today’s leading international financial services.  

With roots in the industrial world, we understand that investing is like high complication watch making and requires precision engineering and considerable know-how to assemble hundreds of small components.  This is also true of asset management and at all stages of the process, we are devoted to offering the highest quality to our clients, and to serve as a catalyst for wealth creation.

LONGITUDE Group operates with offices from Europe and the Caribbean to Asia with a combined workforce of experienced professionals committed to providing a full range of wealth management, fund management and financial advisory services.  

Fund Management

LONGITUDE (Cayman) Ltd is a securities investment advisor / manager regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority since 1995.

 The company boasts a proven track record of nineteen years in securities investment advisory and management services for multi-manager products and separately managed accounts.

Well positioned in a leading financial jurisdiction LONGITUDE (Cayman) Ltd is poised to protect and grow your wealth. Our distinctive edge is our long and proven track record in the hedge fund industry and our team of experienced investment professionals. 

Over time, we have built a strong reputation as a quality and trusted investor in the hedge fund industry and from this edge, we have developed our own unique proprietary process of selecting hedge fund managers. 

Our product solutions are based on a simple philosophy set to achieve optimal results through a large set of strategies and instruments that are geographically diversified. This is why we have designed investment products that allow you to invest in the best fund managers based on our strong quantitative and qualitative assessments of previous experience, track records, and performance.

In addition to this, LONGITUDE (Cayman) Ltd has access to two specialist teams in Asia: Longitude Asia Limited in Hong Kong managing arbitrage strategies listed on Asian markets and EuroFin Asia Group Pte Ltd in Singapore focusing on short-term credit, trade finance and private debt opportunities.

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