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Global Risk Management Advisors

Global Risk Management Advisors, Inc. (“GRMA”), is the leading risk management advisory and implementation firm that provides asset managers and institutional investors with complete, independent and institutional-quality investment risk management on a managed service basis. GRMA has over 60 clients ranging in size from $50 million to $88 billion AUM with total client assets under advisory exceeding $125 billion. 

With an average of 25 years’ of front-line experience at top global financial and asset management institutions, GRMA has a team of well-recognized thought leaders and practitioners in risk management.

What distinguishes GRMA from other risk service providers is that GRMA goes beyond just measuring risk: they help clients to better manage risks by fully addressing their client’s internal and external risk management challenges and needs.

For asset managers, GRMA offers clients complete and cost-effective managed services for portfolio risk measurement, risk management and all risk-related regulatory and investor reporting. Specifically, GRMA assists Asset Managers in three primary areas:

  •  Risk Measurement and Risk Infrastructure Services—implementation of risk software/systems including: risk measurement, reporting, monitoring and interpretation services.

  •  Risk Management Services—including hedging strategies, developing limits, risk policies and procedures, and risk governance.

  •  Risk-based Regulatory and Investor Reporting Services—(e.g. Form PF, CPO-PQR, CTA-PR, AIFMD/ESMA, OPERA)

For institutional investors, GRMA provides complete risk analysis, advisory and implementation solutions, for investment risk management in three key focus areas:

  • Risk Management Framework and Governance—including enhancing Investment Policy Statements, developing risk policy guidelines and improving risk management governance.
  •  Risk Measurement and Reporting—developing portfolio-wide risk measurement reporting that includes both liquid and illiquid investments and performance attribution and benchmarking. 
  •  Education and Sounding Board—providing education and training to the investment staff and the Board.

Global Risk Management Advisors, Inc.

Phone: 212-230-1099


Address: 299 Park Avenue, 6th Floor

New York, New York 10171 USA

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