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Gatemore Capital Management

Gatemore Capital Management LLP (“Gatemore”) is a boutique investment advisory firm and fiduciary manager with offices in London and New York.  With asset under advisory of $1.6bn, we serve as advisor or fiduciary manager to the trustees of small and mid-sized pension schemes in the UK and Europe, building bespoke portfolios within pre-agreed parameters via third party funds.

The parameters for the investment portfolio, including risk and return objectives, liquidity constraints and asset ranges are all set up front, after careful analysis of the liabilities of the scheme.  It is our job to then deliver those objectives within the agreed constraints.

In achieving this, one of Gatemore’s key differentiators is that we focus our research on identifying smaller, unique fund managers around the world that have the ability to produce excellent risk-adjusted returns.  We have a proven track record in identifying fund managers, away from the herd, that are able to outperform larger funds by using their size and focus to their advantage. 

Another critical differentiator is that we do not believe a fiduciary manager should be incentivised to sell product or force trustees down a more lucrative path.  For this reason, we only use third party funds within our fiduciary offering and trustees are able to delegate as little or as much as they wish without any change in fees.  This allows our clients to engage with us in the way they wish, even changing the level of delegation at any time, absent of any conflicts of interest.

Finally, with all-inclusive fees weighted towards performance, as measured against the liabilities, our interests are fully aligned to our clients

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