Best Newly Launched Bottom Up Hedge Fund: Venator Partners Fund

Venator Partners Fund

Founded in 2005, Venator Capital Management Ltd. is a Toronto-based North American focused investment firm that strives to generate superior, risk-adjusted returns over time.  Latin for ‘Hunter’, Venator uses a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach, to identify & invest in under-valued and under-followed businesses by means of a long/short investment strategy that strives to preserve capital and outperform markets over time.  This approach has enabled the Venator Funds to significantly outperform North American equity markets over the past several years with less risk & volatility.

The long/short strategy focuses on business fundamentals to identify companies that are undiscovered (or unappreciated) by the market; as well as out of favour companies trading at low valuations that do not reflect 'hidden assets', intermediate business prospects, reversing business trends or changing managerial philosophies.  More specifically, the strategy targets key ‘characteristics/qualities’ utilizing proprietary screening tools to help initially identify both long & short opportunities.  Venator Capital then performs its own in-depth research & due diligence on each qualified opportunity to help separate the truly great businesses from those that simply look good ‘on paper’.  The hedging program is designed to mitigate the economic sensitivity, valuation risk and market risk associated with each long and short position.

Venator Founders Fund (the long/short strategy flagship Fund) closed to new capital on June 30, 2014.  Its replacement vehicle, Venator Partners Fund, launched July 1, 2014.  Partners Fund shares the same investment approach as its predecessor with one exception – it cannot initiate an investment in any company with a market capitalization below $100 million.  Venator Capital expects that a high level of position overlap, currently 95%, will remain between the Founders Fund & Partners Fund portfolios.

Venator Capital Management Ltd. is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as a Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager and Exempt Market Dealer.

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