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Dix Hills Partners

For over 11 years, Dix Hills Partners LLC has specialized in managing global interest rate exposure, converting interest rate volatility into substantive, uncorrelated absolute return (“alpha”) for our clients. We provided investors the valuable opportunity to benefit from short-term global interest rate volatility, regardless of direction.  We have done so through a diversified exposure to the US, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom markets, representing about 90% of the world’s outstanding highly liquid sovereign debt.

Our client solutions have sought to achieve two primary portfolio objectives:  First has been adding the potential to enhance returns and/or mitigate the interest rate risk of traditional global fixed income portfolios. Second is providing alternative investors a highly liquid, diversifying alpha stream to improve the overall risk adjusted return of their portfolios.  Many institutional and individual investors seek this expertise now more than ever, as they attempt to manage the conundrum of historically low yields combined with potentially high future interest rate risk.

Investors are drawn to select Dix Hills Partners for our interest rate expertise for several reasons. First, we have achieved significant positive alpha over the past 11 ½ years, a period of rising and falling interest rates, a global financial crisis and extensive central bank intervention, all resulting in an overall challenging period.  Second, we have generated alpha using a highly disciplined process in the most liquid global sovereign debt markets mentioned above that is representative of our 50 year back-tested research results.  Third, we have been able to generate an attractive return level based on our skill in our process, not on excessive leverage. Finally, our return profile since inception has demonstrated a consistent “non-correlation” to the major benchmarks and assets classes, enabling investors to achieve true diversification through an allocation to our strategies.

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